the LHN project + new release peek

Please pardon the dull colors in the photos… it’s a dreary day here. Again. This has been the longest winter ever, hasn’t it?


This is what yesterday’s planning mess resulted in… 8 different fabrics and a common set of DMC colors for my LHN project. I want to stitch each of the 8 sections without the border and then sew them onto a solid piece of fabric, or maybe do them more like quilt squares. I don’t really know yet; I figure I can think more about that when I get the stitching part finished. I did get the heart block stitched last night while watching High School Musical 2 for what must be the 33rd time now, so that leaves just 7 blocks to go.


Here’s a pic of two of the newest My Mark designs; to be released mid-April. (obviously not yet ironed, and with the border on “home” not quite done) They may wind up being the only new releases if I don’t get a move on with design work. Is it really almost April? I am continually finding myself up against a deadline, and I’m always surprised by it…

I’m grateful for the ability to live in the moment, and accept enjoy each day… whatever it brings :)


21 thoughts on “the LHN project + new release peek

  1. Hi Monique, looking forward to seeing your LHN project progress. I love the new charts and I see a purchase of the home one in my future ;) Your right the winter has been long-and I am ready for some heat.

  2. Hi Monique,

    Of course you can use the picture! :) Can’t wait to see your progress on Heart of America! I love all the fabric you have chosen for it.

  3. Grey, dull weather? Oh boy, can I relate! If I do not get some sunshine soon, I’m afraid everyone will be reading about me hijaking a cruise ship to the Carribean or something! LOL!

    Hey, I love your new designs!!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the LHNs. It’s going to be a gorgeous piece.

    Your new designs are lovely.

  5. I always enjoy your blog – and it inspires me to get busy stitching.
    Frogging needles….do tell?

  6. Is that cross stitching? I haven’t done any for ages; am always amazed at how fabulous it looks at the end. I love the little heart ‘block’. x

  7. Ohhh…I think that’s a fabulous idea about the LHN…you go girl :)
    Your new releases look very nice..Good Luck!

  8. What a great idea you had for the LHN design! can’t wait to see it finished :)
    Great new designs! Are they going to ne on this month Needlework Show??

  9. What a great idea to do them all on different fabrics and then stitch them all up. It will be such fun finished up. Also, just saw your counting pins, lovely, and frogging needle. The frogging needle is just too cute. You’re so clever, and it sounds like your daughter is taking after you, I love her frog.

  10. Beautiful new designs! I love the look of them. I think your LHN idea is going to be great – it would be so cute as a quilted wall-hanging or something. I also love that you noticed that enjoying is so much better than accepting! : )

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