and the winners are…

So it seems that the phone company gifted me with three full days without service to celebrate my three years in business. Really, I wouldn’t have minded if they had forgotten the occasion altogether. I know I have a few tags to answer and some goodies to post pics of, but first I’ll end the suspense:

I had originally planned to write numbers on slips of paper and have my daughter draw the winners, but that just wasn’t going to happen this morning. I used a random number generator instead and took a screen shot (which I know is not near as cute as a picture of my daughter’s hand would be) and as you can see the winners are:

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, everyone! They were really nice to read, and I found several new blogs to check out, too… this was a fun celebration, internet issues aside.

simple pleasure: being able to share my love of stitching with others

6 thoughts on “and the winners are…

  1. HI deear
    sorry i havent been around illness profbelms and depressed, could you pls contact me, soemthing you have on etsy.. hugs.P

  2. Monique, thank you so much for having the contest! I’ve entered blog contests lots of times and never won anything…it’s so exciting to win a stitchy prize. :)

    I hope your phone issues are fixed now. We’ve debated switching from cable internet to DSL, but our phone system is flaky. Cable’s flaky, too, so it’s a toss-up I guess. Gotta have the Internets! :)

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