a little stash

I received the Rainforest issue of Linen Scenes today. I have to say that snake on the cover creeps me out a bit, but it’s nicely done. My friend Angie puts these out, and it’s a neat idea…each issue includes 8 designs and comes in a PDF format. (You can see more about it here) I want to stitch up that frog!

I also got 2 more Americana designs that I ordered from Mary Katherine… I might need to employ model stitchers to get some of these done! I want to have a patriotic wall in my hallway, and I’m doing a great job with collecting the charts and supplies, but not getting much stitching done. Maybe I should just frame the patterns and call it a day :)


7 thoughts on “a little stash

  1. Great stashing Monique! The LHN’s will be a great addition to your patriotic wall. Love the rainforest, cute frog.

  2. yikes, no snakes for me; however, my boyz would love it!

    Interesting idea to hire stitchers to whip up our projects for us!!! LOL

    Really, I’ve been thinking about my age, size of my stash, and wondering just how much I can actually do!!

    Enjoy the day – L.

  3. Lovely new stash. The CCN one caught my eye as well. I love the house and little dog and such, a perfect mix of patriotic and cute. I’ve also looked at that issue of Linen Scenes. I also like the frog, and the golden tamerin looks like it would be very cute done up too.

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