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We have the most unusual mailbox in town! The big project for spring will be to cover the post with mosaic tiles, charms, found objects, etc…I’m sure the neighbors will be appalled. They’re box-on-a-stick types.

This was originally written in Nov. of 2005… the post is still bare and it’s not looking good for this Spring either! At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll never get around to decorating this poor, naked post.

I think you can tell a lot about people by the mailbox they have. Is it matchy-matchy with the house? Or one of the green Rubbermaid things that’s all molded in one piece? Mailboxes can reveal how neurotic or cheap value conscious the residents are, and also show off hobbies (such as the mailbox with racing car flames or the big catfish, whose mouth opens to eat the mail delivery). Have you seen the giant golfball mailbox? That’s what my DH would’ve picked, were he left to his own devices. Even if the mailbox is a basic box-on-a-stick setup, I think that reveals a bit of the owner’s personality as well. And those magnetic picture sheets that wrap around the box and can be changed with the holiday? Almost always guarantees that a crafty woman is in charge of the home.

I’ve noticed mailboxes my whole life. I can remember being a kid in the backseat of the car and shouting out “look at that mailbox!” when we passed a neat one. So tell me, what kind of mailbox do you have?

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  1. Well, I’m a bit afraid that you’ll tell me what my mailbox reveals about my personality! :)

    Our mailbox is plain black plastic, a little bigger than the standard size because I shop online too much and need room for packages. The stand it is on is the same shape as the one on your mailbox, but it is made out of some sort of weatherproof white plastic.

    My husband calls the Rubbermaid all-in-one boxes “Little Tykes Mailboxes” because they look like they go with the LT playhouses. :)

    I like decorative mailboxes, but I’ve never been able to come up with a concept for one that everyone in the household could agree on.

  2. The post office does not allow us to have a mailbox. They have big banks of boxes that aren’t even close to the house. I am not happy about that, especially when I have to drive to the mailbox.

  3. For years we had to get our mail out of a condo mailbox with a key and it was such a tiny space for mail of any size SO it’s a JOY to get the mail delivered THROUGH THE SLOT in our front door now!


  4. Well, first off, let me say that I had absolutely NO say about my mailbox — it came with the house and can’t be changed. At my old house I had a lovely large, red postbox that would fit much in it. I wanted to bring it. I couldn’t.

    My current box is large, black (plastic I think) and is lockable, which is good, I guess. It is on a wrought iron stand with some ivy decoration which is good. But, I have to walk down the driveway and around the corner to get to it and, with all it’s lockable-ness it still seems to attract large wasps as a possible cozy dwelling place for their nest. For the last two weeks, I have been forced to get the mail out of the box with large kitchen tongs and then run like the devil when the offending wasp gets riled up! It isn’t pretty, believe me.

    I would like to have my red postbox back, thank you.

  5. I love your mailbox!! and wish we could have our own ones .. I’m sure mine would be red! lol .. we have those official post office metal boxes .. about 20 homes per metal box .. boring has heck!

  6. I have a cluster box. :o) Ugly, metal contraption hidden by bushes.

    If I had my druthers, I’d probably have something that would be strong in high winds and not be tempting to vandals. As pretty as possible, please. Or matchy to my house.

    I would always admire your box as I drove by; look forward to seeing it, in fact. :o)

  7. Dull mailbox here – plain, black plastic, larger than standard size, on a wooden post. It was the mailbox that was here when we moved here, and we haven’t changed it yet. Although I did add reflective address numbers to both sides (why the former owners hadn’t done so is beyond me).

    My parents used to have an oversized metal box that my Granma painted a gorgeous mural on. It was a pretty country scene – barn, trees, pastures, etc. After several years the clearcoat protectant started wearing off the the paint started peeling. There was nothing they could do, so they stripped it down and repainted it brown. Actually, I think they still have that mailbox…just no pretty design on it anymore.

  8. I love your mailbox!

    Sadly, I live in an urban area where we have a beast known as a SuperBox. It’s not super, so I’m not sure why they call it that. It’s a tiny little box that lives with a bunch of other people’s mailboxes down the road from us. I have to remember to stop and get the mail (and bring the stupid key!).

    If only we had bought a house on the other side of the street – then we would have had to-the-door delivery and I could have had a really cool mailbox like yours! *sigh*

  9. My mailbox came with the house and it’s on the list of things to change. It looks similar to Anna’s except it is all black and smaller. I’ve looked at the mailboxes available in the big box stores and nothing makes my socks roll up and down. I need something big enough to hold a leaflet flat without bending. I don’t want to encourage the lettercarrier to fold, spindle or mutilate. The mail sees enough of that before it reaches my house.

    I love Beth’s “Little Tykes” comment – what a hoot!

  10. We started out having a cheap metal box attached to the house and when that got old and worn we got one of those big tunnel like metal boxes on a metal rail and set it up at the front of the walk so it would be easy for the mail carrier to get to. However, whenever mail was late I would get anxiety about worrying about the mail being stolen so we went out and spent a pretty $ for a locking mailbox and attached to a wooden post on our front porch.

  11. We have cluster mailboxes on a pedestal, which have, interestingly enough, been “decertified” by the postal service, whatever that means. But there was just a notice in our townhouse newsletter that they’ve been trying to get them replaced (with what, i don’t know) and the post office is giving them a hard time. It figures – I’ve been fighting with our mailman for almost four years because he doesn’t put the right mail in the right boxes, folds things, and generally jams the mail into the box.

    My in-laws live in a slightly more rural area where driving around and knocking over mailboxes with a baseball bat is, or at least used to be, something for teenagers to do when they were bored. One of their neighbors fixed the problem by mounting a beer keg on a very heavy metal post – the keg is dented, but never knocked over, and I bet there’s more than one teenager with a sore arm.

  12. I must say Monique…I sat and LOL over this post!!!! LOL! ha…heee…haw! I tell you what kind of mailbox I want…one that is just the plain tin/metal types that I can change the wrappy thing with the seasons…however I live with a very PRACTICAL minded man and we have this model:

    Very practical…because you “never know when someone is going to get in your mailbox and get your mail” or so says my DH…LOL! It’s ok looking a little cheezy, not my style, but I plant Morning Glories that grow all over it in Summer :)

  13. No special mailbox for us ~ just the standard government issue Superbox. We have to walk to the corner of our street, and there is one large contraption with numbered, locked openings where we retrieve our mail. Boring…and dumb too because we never know when or if we have any mail until we unlock our door.

    I would much prefer one like yours!

  14. I have a box at the post office; however, it is a very OLD post office and the box has a glass window.

    It really is charming. I was going to snap a pix this a.m.; however, too many people were there.

    Here, there is no house-to-house delivery & we all go to the post office – sorted by 10am!

  15. Sadly, we don’t have a mailbox. It’s a community mailbox affair that several houses share. Love yours though. You must decorate that post!

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