mailboxes,etc. (no relation to the company)

I wish I would have seen a set like this when my daughter was a baby… I would have gotten her one! What a cute set with mail, stamps, and a little package (full of cross stitch goodies, I’m sure). Thanks for all the fun responses to my mailbox post you left! Melissa gave me an especially hearty laugh with her story of fighting the forces of nature with kitchen tongs, and I was surprised by how many of you are unfortunately stuck with a standard-issue clump of boxes.

I also found out about a mailbox-related blog, Ugly Mailbox, and a photo album full of mailbox pictures, named (appropriately enough) Sam’s Mailbox Pictures.

The trees over in my parents’ neighborhood are all looking so pretty! (I took this picture this morning from their front porch) BTW, that brick column thing on the right edge of the picture is the neighbor’s mailbox.


4 thoughts on “mailboxes,etc. (no relation to the company)

  1. Don’t you just love when spring takes over and turns all those brown-icky trees to gorgeous colors? Makes the earth touch the soul, I think.

    That mailbox felt kit is so cool! When Ben was small he had a Fisher Price mailbox and he spent FOREVER mailing those little colored squares it came with in the slot – day and night, night and day. My husband travelled at the time and for a business trip, Ben gave him a yellow square to take with him as mail from Ben. The things we remember and hold dear :) Me? Well, I didn’t play mail girl but rather played bank ALL THE TIME. When I was about 6 I cut a shoebox’s side and planted myself at a desk pretending I was working the drivethrough of a bank. I wrote checks and well, I loved it. It was so much fun. I love the drivethru these days (for everything sad to say) but sure with the bank ones moved faster! I was a pretty quick one at my bank. LOL

    Happy Weekend,

  2. As soon as I saw that picture I started laughing because I thought you were going to say, “Here’s my parent’s mailbox”….LOL! But instead you said trees and the neighbor’s box! It’s a beauty and better than my fake plastic stone one I have :)

  3. That mail play set is a hoot! We’ve noticed that the flowering trees are extra pretty this year. They must love clouds and rain, huh?

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