this,that,and the other

So my mom bought a new DVD for her cats…

…and here they are enjoying the show. Aren’t spoiled at all, are they?

I’ve gotten a few more frogging needles done. I plan to list them in my shop on Wednesday.

I started my square for the Fair & Square exchange. BTW, Vonna has listed out all of the exchange dates for the year on the sidebar of the blog… you can join just one or three or all if you like.

I’ve made a wee bit of progress on my green version of Little House Needlework’s “Schoolgirl Lessons” ; that’s Dinky-Dyes “Gum Leaves”, btw.

I seriously doubt I will post again until Tuesday. I’ve got to turn this pile of (mostly) unsorted papers and receipts into something resembling a tax return. I’m so not looking forward to that. I’m not sure why I can’t keep up with filing throughout the year… I always do very well until about September and then it all goes downhill.

And finally, I can’t help but wonder how hard it really is to hit the laundry basket.

Have a lovely weekend!


18 thoughts on “this,that,and the other

  1. Those cats remind me of the “Cat Who” series of mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. The main character, known as Qwilleran, has two Siamese cats, who are pampered beyond belief. They have their own room, complete with TV, which must be left on at night. Too funny.

    Our tax returns were taken to the post office on Thursday. Have fun doing yours. LOL

  2. I’m guessing even star NBA players can’t get their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Of course, their wives don’t have to pick up after them. LOL!

  3. Oooh I like the green Schoolgirl Lessons. It looks gorgeous.

    Those cats look like they’re enjoying their new DVD! Lol!

  4. I see on the Cat Sitter box that it is Volume 2 and the Platinum Edition. That cracked me up! I love green so I’m loving both of your new projects. Good luck with your taxes – we went to have ours done on Wednesday.

  5. So will you actually have your taxes done by the 15th?

    You’re not alone when it comes to September receipt-slacking. I wonder why that is.

  6. And I’m head over heels for Dinky Dyes. I love the vivid colors, color-combos, and ohhhhhh the feel! Luna Park (I think that’s what it’s called) is my fave.

  7. Cute cat picture, it makes a great promotion for the video. My cats get facinated when certain things come on TV too. You new frogging needles are so cute, and Schoolgirl lessons is looking lovely, very pretty green shade. Good luck with the taxes.

  8. Cool frogging needles! About the dirty laundry – I thought it only happened in my home!

  9. The cat dvd is too funny :) Love all your green things :) And good luck with the taxes…I’ve got to finish up our state ones, ugh!

  10. Too funny!!!! I’d like the cat DVD for my cat Morgana. She likes so much watch TV so
    I’m sure she would appreciate it :o)))))


    I apologise for my English

  11. The cat video is hilarious! And great picture showing how much they are enjoying watching it! Good luck with your income tax return…I’m so lucky that hubby organizes all my paperwork, receipts, and other nastiness before shipping off to the accountant.

  12. they are suppose to put the clothes in the hamper? Mine are the same way, right in front of it but never in it (DH is the guiltiest one). Gotta get one of those frogging needles.

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