the needlework show + new releases

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get a good chart cover. Above are 2 of my 4 new releases (I posted about the other 2 here) and the fabric I used on “stitch every day” just looks a bit whacked in the picture. It’s a lightly mottled pale peach color in real life. The fabric is Wichelt’s hand-dyed Jobelan in the color Bittersweet Lite. Here’s the swatch from Wichelt’s catalog:

Looks nothing like my cover up there, does it? And check this out:

This is what the model looks like in person. Hmmmm. Anyway, You’ll just have to trust me that the colors work well together, I guess. Because they do.

The online needlework show starts tomorrow afternoon! If you have never been to see it, you must go check it out. (if you have, you already know what I’m talking about) One of my favorite things to do is make a fresh pot of coffee and surf my way through all of the designer pages, making a wish list as I go. I generally go through the whole show about 3 times and sometimes I wind up with quite a list of things for my shop owner to order for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to look at the show much this time. I’ve got to dash out of town for a bit of a family emergency, and I won’t be back home until the show’s end. During the time I’m away, I’ll only have limited internet access, but I’ll do my best to keep in touch–and I’ve set up some blog posts in advance. Enjoy the show!


11 thoughts on “the needlework show + new releases

  1. Great job on the new designs! I hope your trip goes well and that your family emergency is something that can be taken care of simply.

    Thank you SO much for the nifty, neato prize package you sent me! So many really nice things, I’m overwhelmed. I especially like the homeschool chart; I can picture framing that to hang right over my desk here so I can see it when we’re doing school. It was really fun to win a contest, and the package was such a nice surprise in the mail…it made my day. :)

  2. Great new patterns, Monique. Hope the show goes well for you.

    Sorry to read about the family emergency – hope all will be ok.


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