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I’ve listed some more threadholders in my Etsy shop. I wanted to make more, but didn’t get a chance before I had to leave. Sigh. For those who don’t know, Studio Twenty is a wee-tiny extension of My Mark… while My Mark provides an outlet for my wholesale-only designs, Studio Twenty is my place to share handmade needlework accessories. BTW, things seem to sell out fairly quickly there, so you may want to look at the “sold items” page (there’s a link in the sidebar of the storefront) to see if there’s something you’d like me to make more of for you. Since I’m out of town now I can’t whip anything up, but I will get back to you when I return next week.

Edited to add: Thanks so much for your comments yesterday. I still don’t know what’s going on with my uncle’s condition, hopefully I can update later. In the meantime, I appreciate your prayers and good thoughts but need to ask for more. Our beloved Katie (the frogwatcher) is missing! She’s an inside-only cat and has never been outside… we are SO worried. And we can’t figure out HOW she got out! She’s not one to just dart out if you open the door for a minute because she’s afraid of everything. DH is out looking again and we passed out flyers and went door to door before I left.  I miss my girl!


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  1. I am sorry for all you are going through and wanted you to know I am thinking of you. I hope there will be good news about your uncle and your cat. You are doing such a nice job on the threadholders.

    Take care

  2. OH NO! Hope Katie shows up! Can she be hiding in the house? My prayers are with you and your’s Monique. Hope everything turns out fine!

  3. Oh that is just like a cat, to go missing when you’re stressed about other things! I think Marianne might be on to something, we’ve had several times we thought our cats had disappeared and we found them later hiding in some great new place in the house. If you had suitcases or other travel bags pulled out when you were getting ready to leave, look there. We have one that cannot resist a suitcase or tote bag.

    Praying for your uncle’s health and that answers can be found to help me. Praying also for the beautiful Katie to be found soon!

  4. Hoping everything goes well for your uncle and you little kitty Katie.

    Love the new thread holders and yyour latest releases.

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