great news on both fronts

I just got the call from home that Katie has returned and she is fine! (DH said she was eating a BIG breakfast) She must have been in the house, but where ?! Five of us searched the house from top to bottom at least 3 times… cats! The worst part was imagining all the awful things that could happen to her outside; I’m SO relieved that she is back!

My uncle is on the mend as well, and has been given the OK to transfer back to the nursing home! I’ll be spending the majority of my time over there, but with the danger passing (and the stress greatly relieved) I feel as though I can enjoy my surroundings a bit more. It’s so pretty here; when the sun rises over the mountains, I feel like God is saying “good morning” to me :)

Thank You for all of your prayers, caring comments, and emails!

**Wednesday’s needlework show doorprize winner is Karla from NY**


8 thoughts on “great news on both fronts

  1. I am so glad you found Katie! A lost kitty is a very bad thing — I have been there. It is amazing how they can get “lost” in the house but mine does it all the time. I have even tried the collars with the bells but he can get out of the collar so that doesn’t work!

    I am glad your Uncle is doing well. I pray that he continues to improve.

  2. Oh those felines! I’m so glad Katie’s okay. And that your Grandfather is doing better. Fingers crossed that things will improve steadily.

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