about that giant sampler…

I must apologize for posting such a picture without giving any information, but I was dashing off to New Mexico to see about my uncle who had been sent to the hospital. I was also trying to get as much done for the online show as I could before I left, and to top it off, my Katie disappeared so I was a bit beside myself with stress and worry from all angles! All is well, though… I’m home now, Katie has returned unharmed, Uncle Jim is back snug as a bug in his nursing home, and I’m making progress with getting show orders ready to ship.

But what you really want to know is what’s the deal with that ginormous sampler I posted a picture of last time, right? Well, it was done by a French designer, Françoise Marchadier, who specializes in BIG samplers. The picture on today’s post is another piece that she did (you can click on it to magnify, and I think you should because it’s awesome) while the picture on my last post was taken at an Expo in Brunoy. Françoise does not seem to have many (any?) charts available for sale, but I found one of her books listed on Amazon. I have heard that she is no longer exhibiting due to a tragedy that took place just before her last expo but if anyone has other information about her or links to her charts, I hope you’ll share in the comments here.

5 thoughts on “about that giant sampler…

  1. Wow, the large sampler is gorgeous. The “pieces”, are they part of yet another large sampler? It definitely intrigues me as well. Very nice link.

  2. Hi Monique,

    Thanks for the kind words. I have one of your designs (the one about home schooling) and I love your work. Both of my children are home schooled and so I just had to have that pattern. Nice to meet you.


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