I should’ve been a bird

I love to fly. Love it. I purposely choose flights with connections just so I can do the takeoff and landing thing twice each way. When I was a kid I used to wish I was a bird although a bit of therapy sorted that out (kidding), and I settled for flying in airplanes. The best are the personal planes (i.e. Piper Cub) which are not much bigger than a mini van but since I generally have to fly commercially, it’s a treat when I catch a flight on a 50-seat Embraer:

This cloud shot was taken on the second leg of my trip into Abq. (the smaller planes don’t fly above cloud level) and it looks a little darker than it really was. But goodness, couldn’t you just step outside and walk across that landscape of clouds? I’m looking forward to the time when I’m in Heaven (assuming that’s where I’ll wind up) and I can look down on this forever. Just amazing beauty.

I also love the texture of the New Mexico mountain ranges as seen the air, and the way that Albuquerque appears so suddenly, just on the West side of the Sandias and Monzanos:

Unfortunately my view on the flight out of Abq. was not so good, so I buried my nose in a book. It was a bummer to be stuck next to an engine while many of the people with a clear view didn’t even pause to appreciate the scenery. What’s wrong with people that they don’t admire their surroundings?

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” — Leonardo da Vinci


7 thoughts on “I should’ve been a bird

  1. We’ve become numb to too many of the miracles that surround us. I also love to fly … though I must admit that I enjoyed it much more before I had kids. ;)

  2. Great pictures! I didn’t have to think long while booking our flights to San Francisco when DH asked whether I wanted window or aisle – window! I’m looking forward to the views!

  3. Great pics! It annoys me to no end when people request a window seat just so they have a corner to sleep in. Of course that only annoys me if I wanted a window seat and there weren’t any available. It also bugs me when they lower the shade over the window. Kinda makes you wonder why they wanted to sit by the window if they’re not gonna look out it. My favorite part is landing. I get sick during take off if I eat anything before :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Monique – I’m so dizzy now!! LOL I on the other hand HATE to fly – connections? Pish posh, make it an hour flight and that’s it for me..the shorter the better. Oh and I’m an aisle seat please kinda girl – window? You must be kidding? So THAT’S what’s out there?! yikes.

    May 1st approaching – my design will be on TGOS this month and I’ve put your name and email in for the you know what exclusive :)


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