and we’ll be back after these messages…

What a nice surprise I had this morning… one of my threadholders is pictured on the cover of GOSM. Of course, I knew I had made a special one and also knew Tanya intended for it to be pictured along with her design, but I didn’t know she meant on the cover! Neat.

I’ve already gotten a few emails asking me how to get one, and I think the easiest thing for me to do is direct everyone over to my Etsy shop, Studio Twenty. BTW, you will have to register with Etsy, but all you have to do is give an email address, I believe. It’s very quick & easy, and I have never gotten SPAM as a result of being registered there so I feel comfortable recommending it. Etsy is a fun place to shop anyway, even if you aren’t after one of my needlework accessories :)

On the first of every month I wake up, grab my cat and my coffee, and download the magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since the first issue (Feb. 2006) with the exception of a small gap in mid-2007 when I procrastinated on renewing my subscription. I can honestly say that there has been something in every issue that I wanted to stitch… it’s a beautiful magazine; well worth the price. Oh-and there’s a subscription special going on until May 9th, too: $24 for 2 years! I totally sound like a commercial, sorry.


14 thoughts on “and we’ll be back after these messages…

  1. I thought that was wonderful to have the threadkeeper on the cover. My eye went right to it. I have to say I love the one I just bought. It is very convenient.

  2. I saw your threadholder straight away! Lol! This month’s mag is fab. There are several things I want to stitch.

  3. How very nice to be on the cover. The threadholder is fabulous and I want one, of course. I’ve been debating about them and couldn’t decide which one to get and now I know.

  4. Will you be making more of the threadholders with “Stitching With Jane Austen?” I love the one I have and just order a few things from you yesterday. I’d really enjoy having a Jane Austen one.



  5. Ok, I am really interested in this mag. Can I download with Linux? I am finding that I can’t do a number of things with linux without updating and I can’t update right now. But, I am really interested in this — looks lovely and in a different form from all the magazines ALL over my house!

  6. Great picture, Monique!! What a thrill it must be to see your work on the cover!! The threadholder is a definite eyecatcher!!

  7. Congratulations on having your thread keep on the cover!!! Your ‘keeps’ are wonderful. : ) I love mine. It is so pretty on my desk

  8. I just downloaded the issue and was wondering if that was one of your thread holders. You’d better start making lots more! Congrats on making the cover – I know how it feels – two models that I stitched were both on the cover of the Spring Issue of A Needle Pulling Thread….. :-)

  9. Congratulations, what a compliment and how exciting to have it on the cover. I started getting the magazine a while back and love it as well. It really is a great value for the money.

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