the adventures of Cheese

Cheese, my daughter’s Lil’ Kinz, accompanied me on my recent trip to Albuquerque. He was a good traveling companion (for the most part) and as promised, he provided distraction at just the right moments, and reminded me of home.

This was Cheese’s first time in an airplane, and he was so excited! He kept looking out the window, watching the ground crew, until the flight attendant told him he had to get buckled up. Twenty minutes into the flight he already had to go to the bathroom… I took him in, but I wouldn’t let him touch anything since he doesn’t have hands to wash. I didn’t think to take a picture of that, but it’s probably illegal to post those kinds of pictures anyway.

Our first stop was the hospital, to see how my uncle was doing. I let Cheese pose for this picture, but then made him stay in my tote bag so he didn’t pick up all those icky hospital germs. (again, no hands) We visited there a few times until my uncle got transferred back to the nursing home.

I let Cheese drive a bit, but just around the nursing home parking lot, and I had to work the pedals for him. He almost ran over a bird and I got upset, but he gave me his “sad eyes” and I forgave him. No more driving, though.

The NH van driver and I took Uncle Jim to get some new glasses. While we were waiting (and waiting and waiting… a really long wait considering the place was named Eyeglass Express), Cheese tried on several pairs of glasses; he really liked this red pair the best.

Cheese had salsa for the first time and loved it! He ate Mexican food a few times while we were there and (despite the fact that it tends to make him a little gassy) he’s well on his way to becoming a true aficionado.

My uncle wanted Sonic a lot. I bet Cheese and I went through this particular Sonic drive-thru at least a dozen times… surely the employees thought I was the crazy platypus lady who had an unquenchable thirst for strawberry limeades. On this particular occasion, I let Cheese do the ordering and we wound up with cherry-grape slushes instead.

While I never could get Cheese to actually pay for a meal, I was able to talk him into leaving the tip once.

As we buckled up for the ride home, he thanked me for bringing him along and made me promise not to show all of the pictures I had taken of him. Some things are better shared by just two friends, he said.

22 thoughts on “the adventures of Cheese

  1. I love little photo essays like this…so cute to see things from a critter’s perspective! I bet your daughter will love seeing all those pictures!

    A comment re: Sonic…all the Sonics around here (and others I’ve been to in this part of the country) are drive-ins, I’ve never seen a drive-thru Sonic. Maybe it’s a regional thing…???

  2. Glad to see Cheese left a tip at iHop – it’s important that a platypus learn that life isn’t a free ride! :)

  3. What a fun post, I loved it! How creative to have Cheese help you by modeling in the different pictures. Glad you had a good time and Cheese was such a great traveling companion.

  4. I LOVE these kind of stories! They just make me smile with that wide ’cause I’m really happy smile. Thanks for commenting on my blog…I’ve already picked out your patriotic squares…I think you’ll like it!

  5. Monique,
    This is my favorite post of all that I have read on your blog so far. Cheese had quite the adventures with you! I am sure your daughter was quite pleased. I think it is truly great that you did this for your daughter and for all of us blog readers. Please take Cheese along on your next trip.

    — Danielle

  6. For a moment I thought he was real…LOL Sounds like Cheese had fun and must now be dreaming of his next adventure! LOL

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