good mail days

Pretty pincushion, made by Mary Katherine, purchased through her Etsy shop. Paula’s newest style of scissors and a packet of Thread Hoops.

Crocheted bookmarks, from the Fortenberries Etsy shop.

Tracy’s designs, Hanky Psanky and Cirque des Cercles and Silks from Vikki Clayton:

I really like the Yawning Mountain silk… I’m planning to use it on Olive’s Peace Band Sampler. I want to finish up my squares for the next exchange (a patriotic theme) before I add a new start.

Thanks for all your comments about little Cheese… I showed them to my daughter, who was so happy that you liked her buddy! I may have to take Cheese along on another trip– thinking about posing him for pictures kept me from dwelling on my uncle’s hospitalization, my missing Katie cat, and the impending Needlework Show. Here’s one more Cheese pic for the road (so to speak):

Party animal that he is, Cheese never missed Happy Hour. Given Sonic’s boast of offering 168,894 possible combinations, it’s no surprise he took his time deciding.


14 thoughts on “good mail days

  1. Cheese is too cute. One of my sons has a webkiz & I think he is too old for it : )

    Wonderful etsy purchases.

    I’ve never heard of Yawning Mountian silks that is another new one to seek out == enjoy your week-end

  2. So, does Cheese ever get into your cross stitch supplies and mess everything up? Will we see a new pattern with Cheese in it?

  3. What great stash to get. The bookmarks are lovely, as are the silks, scissors, and such. Love the two patterns you got as well, especially Circles. I have this in my stash too, don’t know that I’ll ever actually get ambitious enough to do it, but I love the design so grabbed it anyway. Fun to see Cheese again. :) I think he needs to visit your blog on a regular basis.

  4. Oh, Cheese! A traveling companion who doesn’t complain, want to hold hands (no hands) or order the most expensive thing on the Sonic menu–sweet. I love those Sonic Cherry Limeades.

  5. WOW, what a great stash day you had! I love those pillows Mary Kathryn made, and the bookmarks are so unique!

    Cheese is a sweetie .. I really enjoyed his travels with you! We don’t have a Sonic here :(

  6. Cheese is so cute! I hope you’ll share more of his adventures with your blog readers!
    Great stash and Etsy items! And thanks for the notice about the Gift of Stitching. I had let mine expire, but I’ll sign up again this month.

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