seis de mayo

Today’s mail brought me a few pretty charts:

We put up our hummingbird feeder yesterday, and we’ve had a few customers… it’s early yet; I haven’t seen many buzzing around out there. ( has a neat map to track their migration) We’ve got the feeder hanging on a suction hook outside of our back door (all glass) so we can see them well. Here’s a picture I took last year:

I decided to start a gallery page of stitched My Mark designs… if you have pictures of one of my designs that you stitched and wouldn’t mind sharing them with me (and the rest of the world), please let me know.

Have a lovely day :)

15 thoughts on “seis de mayo

  1. What gorgeous charts!
    It must be lovely to be in the path of the Hummingbird migration, to see all those beauties on their way to warmer climes.

  2. I put our feeders out a week or so ago and had to refill them yesterday. I bought bigger feeders for this year, seeing as how the little buggers were draining our old feeders in a day or two last year! I think we use more sugar for hummingbirds than we do for ourselves.

  3. Hola!
    thanks for visiting my blog today! your etsy shop is so cute! i love it! :)
    and a hummingbird! gorgeous!

  4. Great stash!! I fell in love with Chatelaine, The Mermaid Box as well. I will be getting it very soon.

    Great pic of the hummer! My late Mom’s fave bird was the hummingbird.

  5. The hummer is so pretty. Hope you have lots coming to your feeder. I’m thinking I NEED the Lavender Pocket.

  6. Glad you like Lavender Pocket :) I was glad to have enough linen band to include for you. Enjoy! Awesome bird picture!!!


  7. Looks like some good stash! Thanks for the hummingbird link. My feeders are up and we’re hoping for some first-time customers this year!

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