one teensy finish and a pretty start

I just finished this little tea design from Mary Garry… I like these pale colors but I want to do it over again in brighter colors, too. BTW, I recently found a new tea that Iike: Bencheley Blackberry. I used to hate tea. But after developing a few health issues that green tea was purported to relieve, I started making myself drink a cup every evening. One thing led to another–tea experimentation–and now I’m hooked on several types of tea. I guess you could say Green Tea was my gateway drug.

Last night I started Olive’s Peace Band Sampler with the Vikki Clayton silk I ordered last week; I love (love!) how this is stitching up. The color is “Yawning Mountain” (it looks slightly more pastel here in the picture than it does in real life) and I think this will become one of my new favorites.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” -Bernard Paul Heroux


4 thoughts on “one teensy finish and a pretty start

  1. The peace band sampler is beautiful, love the color you’ve chosen for it. I’ve never worked with any of the VC silks, one of these days I want to try them. Cute Mary Garry finish as well, you’ve been busy.

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