time for a WIP check!

(not all are pictured)

  • Bent Creek, United We Stand (zipper)
  • XS Treasures, French Heart (from GOSM)
  • Shepherd’s Bush, America
  • LHN, Where There is Life
  • Mosey-n-Me, Bad Hare Day
  • Val’s Stuff, Friends
  • Midnight Stitching, A Quaker Floral
  • Glory Bee, Merry Christmas (from JCS)
  • Papillon, Eightsome Reel
  • Mary Garry, She Who Sews
  • Funk & Weber, Read Ambigram
  • LHN, Schoolgirl Lessons
  • Olive Hope, Peace Band Sampler
  • Val’s Stuff, Free to be Me
  • LHN, Heart of America
  • Hillcroft House, William
  • JBW, French Country Rooster
  • patriotic square for an upcoming exchange
  • 2 My Mark designs

“With every project you do, you bring out a part of yourself, and it seems to be quite a good way of expanding a person.” -Kate Beckinsale


10 thoughts on “time for a WIP check!

  1. Um, suddenly, I don’t feel so alone in WIPland!
    Love the Webkinz Google, Cheese. I have a few Webkinz too! Lol. I am going to name my Schnauzer – drumroll- “Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer” .

  2. Ooooohhhh brave lady posting all your WIPs. They look great. I’m currently working on Schoolgirl Lessons as well and have French Country Rooster on my list to do for my mom.

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