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It’s been raining steadily so I haven’t had much time in the yard… and we’ve had a lot of storms, which means limited computer time. I’ve been stitching, reading, and working on my scrapbook stitchbook instead of doing anything that I really should be doing. BTW, these are 12 x 12 pages:

My stitchbook is just like a normal scrapbook except that where family photos would normally go, I have focused on my stitching. I started doing this because I had so many stitchlings (small XS finishes) that I wanted to keep but didn’t necessarily want to finish as fobs, ornaments, or other things. I didn’t want to just toss them out, either, because I did enjoy stitching them and for the most part I can remember what was going on in my life when I stitched each one.

I have kept all of my driver’s licenses from my very first one until my latest renewal this year. (the new anti-terrorist laws don’t allow for driver’s license historians) This “Drive Safely” page is where I’ll stick them, once I remember where I put them.

A few photos sneak in here and there. Above is my daughter’s Easter picture from a few years ago… she had live rabbits around her (she’s feeding a carrot to the one sitting next to her), very cute stuff. The photo was getting beaten up in my wallet and so I stuck it here on the Easter page. There’s another photo on my Harry Potter page, and of course the DL page will include photos, but the main focus of this scrapbook is cross stitch.

I need to stitch a couple more little snowmen for this page!

I’m planning to put a few HP quotes and the list of titles on my Harry Potter page… or maybe journal my memory of the midnight release party… ?

Obviously, none of these pages is finished yet. My method for doing the stitching scrapbook is to mount a batch of stitchlings on pages first and then go back through later and add embellishments, quotes, more stitched bits, etc. Right now, just 2 of the 26 pages in the book are actually complete. I’ve already got a lot of pics here, so tomorrow I’ll post a few of the close-up pictures and share the different methods I have been using for attaching the stitchlings to pages.


24 thoughts on “more stitching scrapbook pages

  1. I like this idea a lot! I’ve never gotten into traditional scrapbooking but I love the pretty papers and albums. And I seldom know what to do with “stitchlings” (like that word, too!) after I get done with them. There’s only so many fobs and needlebooks a person can use.

    You’ve got me thinking about this now…this could be dangerous. :)

  2. Cute idea for those little pieces that you sometimes don’t know what to do with! I’m not even the slightest bit interested in scrapbooking (I don’t need another hobby…LOL!) but I’ll admit the stitchbook is a really cool idea. I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a SIMPLE scrapbook of the pictures of all my stitched pieces…now I have the idea to add some little stitched pieces to the pages!

  3. CLEVER!!! And so cute! I’ve seen some stitching used in scrapbooks, but love how the stitching is the focus of yours!

  4. I love all of your scrapbooking! I love how you put those sheep at the bottom of the page and how you have incorporated stitching and photograph scrapbooking together and even kept your theme true! Great work!

  5. Love these pages – works of art! Great job, Monique – they look like such fun to create and tinker with.


  6. This is a really good idea Monique. Who doesn’t have a bunch of those small stitchings laying around with no home. Thank you for sharing that.

  7. This book is wonderful! I’ve seen this idea on Teejay’s blog, too, and I have to say it’s a fantastic one. What a great way to personalize and share your cross-stitching even more.

  8. This is really a clever idea. It certainly gives purpose to those projects that we just want to do for the fun of doing it with no idea what will become of them. I might start one of my own.

  9. Monique these pages are awesome! Love the little additions of the hats and sheep across the bottom of the pages. Hey! I spy Heartstruck Falling Leaves. Very cute! You’re making me want to start yet another hobby, but what a great way to highlight your stitching. You’ve put alot of thought into these! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. The pages look fabulous even though you are not completely done! I have long thought this was the neatest thing!

  11. Thanks for sharing this great idea. It never cross my mind that it could be done this way. Its a wonderful way of keeping the hardwork. You are very creative :)

    Went to your etsy shop and hearted you too.

  12. Love this idea! The Driver’s License page and the Harry Potter page are my favorites! What a great way to focus on your stitched pieces!

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