stiching scrapbook details

My favorite mounting weapon? Wonder-Under! First I iron on the fusible web to the back side of my stitchling, peel the backing paper off, trim my design, and then iron it right onto the scrapbook background paper. Of course then I have to cover the raw edges with glitter glue, right? (I love glitter!)

Sometimes I iron the stitchling onto a piece of cardstock first, to create a matted look:

I am not a huge fan of regular-sized brads, but I do love to use those cute teensy brads to mount a matted piece onto a page like this:

For larger count fabrics and any sewing/quilting related designs, I prefer to skip the fusible web and just sew them directly to the page. I have been using the zigzag stitch on my machine:

For my pages with a hodge-podge of little bits, I like to use a variety of mounting methods:

I started off with a regular 12 x 12 postbound book, but the pages were heavier than normal (or I just wasn’t very careful) and the page protectors kept getting ripped near the post in the center. I recently found a D-ring style album that closed on both sides and also has an elastic band in there to help keep the pages aligned and started using that instead:

It’s probably not all completely archival, but I’m pretty sure it will last longer than I will! This is just something I’m having fun with. I’ve noticed a few others having fun with it, too– Teejay has pretty embellishments in hers, and Danielle has been noting her stitching details… anyone else?

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  1. Oooh, I just love your kind of scrapbooking!! I’ve been admiring Teejay’s wonderful pages as well!! You are an inspiration!

  2. I love glitter as well. What a great idea! And I also love the idea of using the zig zag stitch. I have a great sewing machine. And your scrapbook is wonderful. It looks like a briefcase or suitcase. I love it! Maybe I’ll have to give these mounting methods a try someday.

  3. Your scrapbook pages look great! Its making me wish I had more x-lets to use in mine. I just tend to stitch BAP’s that take me forever to complete.

    And whoever invented Wonder-Under deserves a medal!

  4. I love this! I don’t scrapbook and certainly don’t need to start! But I could do something similar and make a few special, close people some greeting cards using the same idea! Thank you for sharing!

  5. See what you started!! Wow – those are ways to finish and add touches to the pages. I love your creative spirit, Monique – always neat to see what you come up with next. Clear, terrific pictures too by the way. I need a camera. LOL


  6. Hi dear Monique:

    Great idea, I like your “stitchbook”!!! I think I will start my own stitchbook with small embroidery that I have and I do not know where to put them! Thank you for sharing.
    A kiss

    Maria del Valle

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