exchange goodies

I received my Fair & Square exchange squares today from Sonda… very cute.  And nice goodies, too!  I am really enjoying this exchange because it’s nice to make new stitching friends and it’s also nice not to have to finish the stitched things!

9 thoughts on “exchange goodies

  1. Lovely F&S exchange Monique.

    Wow those photos of the funnels are pretty good. I think I’d have been scared though!

  2. Those squares are beautiful! What a great exchange! I’m going do be doing that same design for my sister – only modified a little.

  3. what a fun exchange! love what she stitched for you and the scissor fob is adorable! I really enjoy this exchange blog too :)

  4. Hi Monique…I’m doing drive by commenting today….so here’s yours ;)

    I must say I’ve seen both Danielle’s and Tracy’s cross stitching and scrapbooking and thought it a good idea for small things….I really LOVE yours, whimsical and fun to look through and you add pictures in to accent the stitched piece. GREAT!

    Those storms are rolling thorugh here right now…we’ve had warnings and watches all day long. My daughter – Katie – has just about made herself sick with worry….

  5. I hadn’t been by in a little while, and boy have you been busy!
    I LOVE the scrapbook idea. I am the world’s worst finisher. This may just be my perfect craft- ;).
    I love the exchange idea too. How neat is that, to just “stitch and send”. Beautiful square too! :)
    Stay safe, this looks like it’s going to be a nasty season with storms all over the US….

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