new bushes, new threadholders, and a little frog

It finally quit raining for a minute, so Cheese wanted to see how the new bushes were doing. He’s concerned about the middle one (it’s gotten beat up in the storms) and thinks we might need to replace it soon. We’ll see… I’m not all that anxious to re-do yardwork that I didn’t really want to do in the first place and I’m also not going to just take the word of a little platypus.

I made some Quaker-themed threadholders… they are in my Etsy shop. I also recently listed some more de-stash items :)

My daughter found a tiny frog today… the picture is unfortunately blurry (he was a quick little thing) but at least you can see how small he is. We have these all over the yard and they are really cute! I always wonder how many get mashed up when my husband mows the lawn though.

Happy Wednesday!


20 thoughts on “new bushes, new threadholders, and a little frog

  1. Beautiful new thread holders!!! That frog is a cutie and I love the picture of Cheese checking on the bushes :)


  2. We get these teensy frogs once or twice a summer. I figured it was baby frogs making their way over from the neighbor’s yard (which has a small pond).

  3. Cute threadholders!

    We have lots of toady-frogs in our yard during the summer. I usually discover them when they scare the poo out of me when I take the dog out for his nighttime bathroom break. Not that I’m afraid of the critters, but it startles me when I’m walking along and this thing just jumps out from nowhere!

    And yes, we have lawnmower casualties, too. I try to avoid them with the pushmower, but my husband on the riding lawnmower can’t see them as well. :-(

  4. Cheese has high standards, yes? LOL I saw a video on featuring those frogs–they had overtaken a town, and were *everywhere*. It was funny, but you had to worry about them getting run over, stepped on, and meeting other untimely demises, like the grim reaper’s motorized scythe! ;o)

  5. When I was little my brother, sister, and I used to go collect tiny frogs like that in our little McDonalds pails. They were all over our backyard :)

    I love those new thread holders! I need to order a thread holder from you. I feel like the only one who doesn’t have one!

  6. Oh, it’s so nice to see Cheese again! Perhaps he’d like a little frog for a pet? But maybe not, since they tend to pee, and we can’t have Cheese getting wet!

  7. Nice flower bed! Hope Cheese approved?

    OMGosh gf .. you need to stop making those adorable threadholders! lol

    looks of frogs around blogland lately :)

  8. We catch a lot of those tiny frogs in our pool skimmer, my daughter screams every time one jumps.

    Monique, I checked out your shop a couple of weeks ago and almost everything was gone. I wanted to order some of you thread hoppers. Love your threadholders and the price is so much better than the ones I’ve been pricing.

  9. I adore your Quaker threadholders – I really n-e-e-d one! Better check to see if there are any left in your shop.

    Cute frog – better looking that those on my blog!

  10. Awww, doesn´t this cute little froggie inspire you to stitch cute little froggies? Or maybe put them on one of your gorgeous floss holders?
    Strange creatures you have in your garden, by the way. Cheeses and frogs…

  11. Eugh!! Trying very hard now to replace the image of your husband crushing frogs with the beautiful threadkeepers!!

  12. Monique love your Quaker Stitcher thread holders and I see they sold very well. That is the teeniest little frog I’ve ever seen! Too cute! Boy cheese did a nice job on the mulch!! Your yard looks nice!

  13. We had those tiny little frogs in our yard as well, and believe me, they scatter pretty quick when they hear the lawnmower coming.

  14. I am interested in buying a couple of Quaker threadholders. For some reason I cannot find my Etsy sign on right now but wanted one bright pink and one dark blue. Let me know if this is possible.

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