on frogs and quilting

A lot has been going on, but nothing I can show pictures of… I’m doing some exchange stitching and working of several special orders for my Studio Twenty shop. Speaking of, if there’s ever a design you’d like to see on a threadholder, feel free to ask. I’ve done sets for shop stitching camps, several personalized threadholders, and so on. It’s fun to do special things for people :)

These froggies sure are cute! Hubby was getting ready to cut the grass and found this little guy. He brought it in the house to show me, and it jumped down onto the carpet…it’s a good thing Katie (the cat) is on the fat and slow side or that frog would be toast.

I discovered a neat quilting-related website yesterday, Quilting Gallery. I haven’t had a lot of time to explore, but I did see that they are also the hub for quilting bloggers, and there are currently 700-something blogs listed. I clicked on a few and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that one of the bloggers lived here… there’s only like 12 people in this town! What are the odds?!

It’s time again for the Fab Shop Hop, which is an internet-based shop hop. There’s a long list of sites to visit… you look around each site for a few minutes and find the bunny logo. The more bunnies you find, the better prizes you qualify for. I think it takes 130 shops visited to have a chance for the big prize, which is one of those computerized sewing machines. (you know-the kind I’d buy if I had an extra couple thousand $ laying around) I never visit anywhere near that many, but the hop is a fun time filler while I’m doing a printing task or eating my lunch.

Here’s our own Penelope, the African Clawed frog. We didn’t know he was a boy until long after we had been calling him Penelope! He started to croak (sounds like loud metallic crickets) and grew nuptial pads (black streaks on his hands) which are signs of froggie puberty that only the boys get. He was unnamed for a long time… we had 2 frogs and didn’t want to name them until we could see their personalities. (We called them “the froggies” for so long– it apparently takes a while for frog personalities to show) When there was just one left, we figured we better name it anyway. Here’s his baby picture… he looked like a girl frog when he was little.

DH just found Mother Toad in the yard :)


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  1. Monique, you are good-I just could not deal with all the frogs! Imagine me running and yelling-waving the arms etc.-you get the picture :)

  2. I love the little froggies, it makes me sad that they’re so little… how do you save them all when the lawnmower comes out? :)

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