looking for victims and answers

I just signed up for a PIF from Sonda and now I want to find a few PIF victims recipients of my own! The first 3 people that indicate interest by commenting on this post will get something made by me in the next 365 days. In return you’ll make the same offer on your blog… and so it goes, Paying It Forward. Of course I’m thinking that I can get them done in much less time, but I am glad for the 365 day cushion :)

A question for you: how do you usually respond to blog comments? Do you post a comment on the other person’s blog, post in the comment section of your own blog, address the comment in your next blog post, use email, or…?

I ask because I almost never re-visit blog posts that I’ve already commented on. Yet, I have noticed many comment sections including responses from the blog’s own author! I read a few hundred blogs (hurray for Google Reader) and just don’t have time to go back to things I’ve already read… heck, I barely have time to read them once. And while it might be easier/quicker for me to respond to my visitors in my comments section, I prefer to use good old-fashioned email ;) So, what am I missing? Am I doing it wrong? Is there a handbook for blog etiquette?

We are expecting severe weather AGAIN… I’m so tired of these storms and I’m getting to be as nervous as a lobster eyeballin’ a pot of boiling water. Tornado warnings on then off then on then off again… this is the craziest weather season I can remember. Ever.


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  1. I will be glad to be PIF victim, oh I mean recipient. I have been thinking about doing one.

    I don’t want anyone to feel they have to comment on my blog just because I commented on theirs. I try to comment when I can to let the blogger know I am still reading their posts. I know I have visits because of the counter I have on my blog.

    Stay safe and take care of Cheese.

  2. My comments come to my e-mail, and if the commenters e-mail address is given, I’ll e-mail them back. But lots of comments come from the no-comment Blogger address, so I’ll reply to those in my next blog post. I rarely go back and re-read a post I’ve already read, unless it’s something that I want to read what later commenters have said. Even then, I may not always remember to go back…

    The weather has been crazy this year! Since the beginning of this year, around here we’ve had several tornado outbreaks, a couple decent ice storms, 1 decent snowfall, massive flooding, an earthquake (granted, not weather-related…), unseasonably cool temps (most of May) to unseasonably warm temps (right now…less than a month ago we were running our furnace!)…yowza. We’ve run the gamut of weather events. Now all we need is a hurricane, which would be phenomenal since we live in Kentucky…LOL

  3. When I respond to a comment it depends on the author of the comment. Sometimes I will put it in the comment section of the post if I am not well acquainted with the commenter or if I don’t know their e-mail addy. Sometimes I respond by leaving a comment on one of their posts, this way I end up going to visit their blog and usually I have something there that I want to comment on anyhow like how beautiful one of their pieces is–this one is usually how I respond to brand new bloggers that I haven’t seen their blog before.

  4. By the way, I have never figured out the logic in the pif because usually you are offered 1 item but have to stitch 3, 5 or more pieces to pass forward, this makes it mathematically illogical, it doesn’t make sense to me.

  5. As you know from experience, I email responses to those that comment on my blog. :o) If bloggers don’t reply to me via email or a comment on my blog, I assume I haven’t gotten a response, which is fine with me.

  6. The replying to comments issue is something I haven’ figured out either.

    I have a handful of readers I know very well in person, several of them are part of my family. Those comments I often answer right in the comments section; and sometimes a whole conversation gets going there. Which is weird…we all have email, maybe we need a listserver instead of blogs. :)

    But for occasional readers I’m really not sure how to handle it. Sometimes I address a comment in the next post, but most often I’ve just gone to the person’s blog and commented there. I know what you mean about never making it back to read the comments on a blog; that happens to me all the time.

    So, no answers from me, just blather. :) When you write that book of blog etiquette, let me know! :)

  7. I have it set so that comments go to my email. I mostly will answer in the comments as well. I don’t do that too often, just every once in awhile. This actaully works fairly well-I just left a message for jodachef (one of the blogs I read) for specifics on a recipe he posted and got an answer back via email. I never would’ve gone back to the original post to check for the answer but his answer got to me just fine. Whew – I’m long-winded today! :)

  8. I’m not PIFfing because of time constraints. ;)

    But for blog comments – I always read mine. Sometimes I’ll comment at the end of their comment, particularly if it’s something that will answer a question for future commenters. Sometimes I’ll change the post in question to make something clearer. Sometimes I’ll write a new post that touches on the subject (like glass in frames, which I recently discussed). And sometimes I’ll email the person if I have access to her email addy. But in my experience, more than 90% of comments don’t really need any sort of response – it’s just a bit of conversation ….

  9. Hi Monique,

    Yea Gads!! Those pictures of the storm you took several posts back were certainly hair raising. Don’t know if I would have been calm enough to stand still and take pictures. More then likely I’d have been grabbing up the cats and running for the basement. Do you have a basement?? We’re not prone to tornados around here, although they’re not unheard of either. Have you ever had a serious – hit the deck – tornado experience??

    I’m no expert on blog etiquette but I agree with you, I don’t return to a blog once I’ve read the current post and left a comment. Life’s just not long enough. I guess it just depends on the preference of the blog owner.
    I do like to make my comments chatty though, as if I’m actually talking to the other person. I ask questions, or whatever when possible.

    Your frogs and toads are sweet. As long as they stay away from your stitching. Lol.


  10. Interesting question regarding comments. Time to ask Miss Manners of the Net. (Though I know of no such person.)

    Based solely on my limited experience, you’re the only blogger who responds to comments via email. If I want/expect a reply from a blog comment, I revisit that post. If I don’t want/expect a reply–if my comment is just a comment and not a question–then I don’t look back.

    Most of the bloggers I read (and by “most” I mean all but you) respond to comments in the comments themselves, or in a future post. If netiquette is based on majority rule, then that’s that, but I don’t think netiquette should be based on majority rule. I think what you do is wonderful. Sending an email takes more time because you have to type in an addy. Making a greater effort should not be considered rude.

    Have you noticed that some blogs give you the option of receiving any responses to your comment as emails? I’ve never checked that box when offered, but maybe I’ll give it a shot just to see what happens.

    My view of the comments section is that it’s a place for discussion if anyone wants to discuss, and I figure if folks want to discuss my post, I’m free to join the discussion.

    Do *your* thing, Monique. It’s your blog, so you make the rules.

  11. I’m probably just one of those horrible repliers. SOME times I reply…usually if the commenter is asking a question. Since all comments come to my email, I can just reply to their email. Very rarely, I address it in my next post if needed…maybe once or twice I commented in my own comments.

    I’ve found quite a few people that reply by email. It works for me. Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone yet. :)

  12. I can’t tell for sure if you have all your PIF’s or not, so count me in if you don’t already have enough.
    BTW, I try to answer any questions on my blog personally but, due to recent computer troubles, I am sure I have missed a few.

  13. Sometimes I wonders too, what is right or If I looked rude? I read all my comments since I’ve set my comments to my e-mail.

    I usually post my replies in my next post if something is being discussed, just hoped that what I done todate, no one feels offended and via e-mail when I get a question.

  14. Hi Monique. I get all my blog comments sent to my email so if there is an email addy for the person who commneted I reply via email. If not I try and remember to reply in my next blog post. I’m the same and don’t have time to go back and look at comments I have left to see if my question has been answered!

  15. If I have the email of the commenter I respond by email, if not I’ll respond in my next post. Like you I don’t re-read posts I’ve already visited.

  16. great question! When I first started blogging, I didn’t know how to respond to the comments, I never saw the option to have the comments emailed to me .. so at first I would respond to comments in my posts here and there, but never very consistent.

    Once I started receiving email responses from comments I left on other blogs, I figured out the comment email option .. and I love it! As you know, I try to send back just a little note to anyone that comments .. it’s a great way to start getting to know individual stitcher/bloggers .. I like the personal touch :)

    That being said .. blogging is like stitching or PIF’ing .. I really think it’s up to every blogger to make the experience their own .. just like we try to do with our stitching or our gift giving.

    lol .. got me talkinng, didn’t ya! lol

  17. Have to say I don’t have a consistent approach to answering comments – a lot of the time I’ll email back if I have their email address (as I receive all comments via email, it’s easy to hit the ‘reply’ button and start firing away). Otherwise I’ll make a note in the next post to answer the query, or make an amendment to the original post (eg I’ve forgotten to add designer details to a finished piece, and people are wanting to know who it is by etc) – I don’t add comments to my own posts, even in answer to questions, as I never go back to posts I’ve commented in and figure other people wouldn’t take the time to do that either.

    Sorry, got a big long-winded … ;)

  18. I have my comments set to go to email as well, and I love it when someone’s email address comes in with the comment so I can reply to them if necessary. Some comments I know and have their address in my book anyway, so I can fill it in, but others come in as the no-reply blogger email, which kind of annoys me because inevitably I want to reply to that comment and I don’t have their address. But I almost never recomment, so I address it in a following post.

  19. I try to directly respond if e-mail is available; however, that doesn’t always work. Kinda easier for me to address questions in the ‘next’ post. Plus, I’ve noticed the same questions usually pop up more than once. LOL

    IMO – Not sure we need any rule books. We all have our own style & that is a good thing!!!

  20. Good question! :-) I usually try and email people back, but most comments come from the no reply address. In that case, I go to the persons profile and either get their email from that or leave a comment on their blog. I love it when people take the time to comment, so I like to acknowledge that if I can. :-)

    I suppose we all do what we are comfortable with…….


  21. I’m with you – I never have time to go back and see if my comment or question has been addressed in that person’s blog comments. For myself, I respond to people either directly (via email or leaving a comment on their blog), or if it’s a more general question, I’ll answer it in my next blog post – like if someone asks what fabric I’m stitching on or something of general interest.

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