Thank you for commenting about comment etiquette… it appears that we are all just winging it and we have several different response methods. I’m fairly surprised that some kind of standard hasn’t developed through the years, but relieved that I’m not missing something. I’ve been stitching (on exchanges, though) and working to make some more goodies for Studio Twenty so no pictures of that stuff, but I do have some recent mail pictures to share.

This is what happens when you have a look at a 123 member’s sale list:

I’ve become SO hooked on Vikki Clayton silks:

I know…Aida. But they are so pretty:

The last STO block swap theme was “garden”, and here’s the block I received:

On the PIF front, I’ve had 2 volunteers so there’s still a spot open! Teresa and Paula are in… who else?

edited to add: Sally has bravely stepped up to the plate for a PIF, so all spots are now full.  Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Very nice new stash Monique:) Those VC silks are lovely.

    OK I’m going to sign up for your PIF if you’ve had no more takers:) I have one left to do from my current batch. Last time I signed up for one there were lots of people doing them and nobody taking them up so I’ve just done random PIFs but this time I’ll post and see if I get any takers.

  2. Love your new stash. I’m glad you asked the question about comments, and glad to know that I’m not breaking any etiquette rules (yet anyway!)

  3. love the HIH Halloween chart! Haven’t seen that one :)

    ohhhh VC silks are soo nice and yes those fabric colors are nice!

    have fun with your PIF’s .. I am :)

  4. I am so far behind!! Enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon.

    What are the green flower shaped discs? They look interesting! Are they thread rings or something? Just curious.

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