Recently the whole family I decided it was time to redo our living room and hallway floors in hardwood. (actually laminate, but it looks like wood so close enough) We looked first at the Harvest Oak option,

but Cheese fainted at thought of yet another bit of oak-y goodness in our home. As it happens, I agree with him and so we will be going the Maple route:

For now, installation is planned for the second week in July (because you really should plan major projects during the hottest part of the year) but since that’s a month away I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday also surprised us with a new pool. We were walking by the pool section at Costco and I was hot and the display looked refreshing, so into the cart it went. It’s just a blow-up pool, but it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. (13 x 6) Our annual blow-up pool usually goes in the yard, but I was afraid the neighbor’s toddler would toddle over and drown if we kept this one outside, and wouldn’t that put a damper on our summertime fun?! And no way was I dumping it out each time… I’m no treehugger, but the thought of that much water waste pushed me over the edge.

So, we I decided it would be best to keep it in the garage. (I guess we technically now have an indoor pool?) Of course, now I’m stuck parking outside, but that’s just the kind of mom I am. And hey- Cheese likes the new pool, and really, what else matters?

While in the pool room garage, Cheese spotted Barbie’s Corvette and couldn’t resist taking it for a spin:

We spent 6 fun hours playing in the garage today. Now that’s something I never thought I’d say.


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  1. We have a similar pool. Not the greatest for adults, but the 5 yo loves it. Not sure how the 19-mo will take to it, though.. We don’t have a fenced yard either (yet, anyway..), so we bought some garden fence and fence posts at Home Depot and made a little cage around the pool. Not that we have to worry about neighboring toddlers getting into ours…we have to protect ours from our Idiot Neighbor’s 2 stupid dogs when they’re running loose.

  2. I was thinking about Cheese tonight, wondering what he is up to these days. Sounds like he’s living it up in between unabashedly sharing his opinion. Keep an eye on that little guy!

  3. I am so glad Cheese has allowed you to share his life with us. When I read Ginny’s comment I no longer felt alone, I too think about Cheese. LOL

  4. Love the maple laminate, and major points for an original indoor pool!! Cheese is a great spokesplaty for convertibles. Spokespus? :o)

  5. Hey…I always wanted an indoor pool! :)
    Cheese made me smile and it’s one of those days that I need one :D

  6. Cheese needs a girlfriend if he’s going to be tooling around in that Vette. The little girl from across the street visits me to see my rabbits and she was telling me about her webkinz and I happened to mention Cheese-the-Platypus, and she, being all of 8 years old, announced that Cheese is not a platypus, when I pointed him out on the website. She said he is a google. Is it true? Is Cheese really a google? What’s a google?

    And…we have an indoor pool too, yes, we do! It’s called a thunderstorm when the sump pump fails.

    I would not want to splash and cavort in our garage, clothed or otherwise. It has wasps, ants and smells like engine oil.

  7. I love the maple flooring! Don’t you know the hottest month of the year is the perfect time for house renos? VBG We’re planning to reno our bathroom this summer, likely the fourth week of July. It’s been fun choosing the color scheme, and the cabinets arrive next week!

  8. Cheese is back! Cracks me up every time. :)

    We went with the dark cherry. I love our wood floors. Just be ready to dust them often, it’ll drive you crazy that you’ll be able to see every little speck.

  9. Is Cheese a better driver than Barbie?

    I like the cherry option. We also have laminate in our house, except the kids’ rooms (which have cork).

  10. You have a very charmed life! Cheese is so adorable — and such a good designer. I like his taste in flooring and cars and he looks really cool in the pool! Such fun!

  11. Monique, you and Cheese are too funny! Love the new flooring and the pool in the garage sounds like a fine idea-just like Michele said no sun!

  12. Well why not a pool in the garage? We used to have neighbours who entertained in their garage! They had a beautifully done garden and patio but nope, company sat on lawn chairs in the garage. They sure coulda used a pool in there.

  13. Love the pool in the garage idea…don’t know if the cat’s would take to it though as they get banished there every night. Glad to see another day in the life of Cheese. He’s such a doll.

    It’s funny, ya know MY family (AKA me)has decided our downstairs needs to be wood instead of carpet/linoleum. Funny how the family just gets these things, isn’t it.

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