Thursday (for real this time)

It has come to my attention that TODAY is Thursday, which makes yesterday Wednesday, which makes the title of my last post an error. The good news is I’ve gained a day :)

I was just singing while making our lunch and my daughter said,

if you came in a bottle, you’d have a warning label that said “too much happiness”

There are worse problems to have, I think.  Have a lovely (extra) day today!


9 thoughts on “Thursday (for real this time)

  1. Both of your Thursday posts made me laugh :) We usually wait to do home renovation type things at the coldest time of year when the door is constantly being opened and closed or left open till it’s as cold indoors as out ;)

  2. That’s funny! I don’t know that “too much happiness” would need a warning, though. :-)

    Wonder what kind of label she thinks you need when you’re in a bad mood…LOL

  3. Ah, it’s comforting to know someone else mixes up the days. I do that too often, especially during a busy week like this one, and NEVER know the exact time. Every clock in the house says something different – drives me nuts. The cable box has the correct time so I need to watch TV more. LOL

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