like 10 minutes ago it was Thursday

Goodness, but the past three days have been a blur! Friday we went the annual bookfair at the St. Charles convention center–it’s so big (and neat) that people drive in from all over the country. We spent 6 hours there and carried 4 loads to the car…one more book and I would’ve had to call my dad to bring the truck!

It was also the weekend of the annual St. Peters Old Tyme Picnic. I took my daughter (and Cheese, of course) to the parade on Saturday morning. Here’s Cheese in my purse with his friend Baby Angel and their parade flag:

One of the fun things about this parade is all of the candy that’s thrown out! Every year we come away with a plastic grocery bag full. Generally the parade people throw the candy up to the curb, but occasionally bits land in the street, and then it looks like this:

There are a few groups that walk near the curb and actually hand candy to people, though:

I noticed that the local grocery store (with its huge shopping cart float), the Corvette club, the crazy racing Shriners, the gymnastics camp, and 2 churches were missing from the parade this year… maybe because of the weather? But you can always count on the POW-MIA guys to make an appearance:

I remembered to take a picture of something that irritates me every time I see it, too:

It makes me sad and angry that Americans have become so lazy, so unpatriotic, so disrespectful that we have to be reminded to stand for our flag. I’m guessing the fact that it was Flag Day went largely unnoticed as well.

Sunday I was able to sit and stitch on a new design for a little bit and I also got out the sewing machine and made Cheese a little something, which I’ll have to show you in another post. Right now, I need to work on a few special orders before hitting the pool ;)


4 thoughts on “like 10 minutes ago it was Thursday

  1. 4 loads of books? You all are big readers! The parade looked like a lot of fun. I agree with you on the American Flag, I don’t think it’s as respected like it was when we were children.

  2. Is Baby Angel the little version of the kitty from Build-A-Bear Workshop? We have the large version (named Meow) here.

    I agree about the flag. It’s quite sad how little respect it and our National Anthem get. :-(

  3. Growing up in Louisiana, I don’t really understand parades where things aren’t thrown to the onlookers. Even a neighborhood Fourth of July parade was a chance to get candy and beads.

  4. wow monique! i wonder what kind of books did you get.:) the parade sounds fun… me and dh always attend a “rose festival” parade every june at a nearby town but he wouldn’t go at a parade in our town… lol
    hhhmmmmn, about the flag issue… i noticed that the way it is respected here is extremely different back home. in all schools everyday (during weekdays only), students/faculty and/or anybody inside the school are required to participate at a flag ceremony (morning and afternoon). i wanna say a lot here but i think i’ll just open this topic on my blog… lol
    weather here’s so good since last weekend… thank goodness!

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