Webkinz sleeping bag tutorial

OK… Start with 2 rectangles of coordinating fabric, right sides together. To figure the correct size, lay your Webkinz on the table in their normal sleeping position and measure their height & width… double the width measurement because the rectangle will ultimately be folded in half. (pardon me for getting so personal here but Cheese, the family platypus, needed a rectangle 9 inches tall and 18 inches wide) Sew all around the edge, leaving a space for turning:

Turn right side out and iron the seams so they’re nice and crisp. You do not have to sew the little gap shut… it will be taken care of when you do the next seam. Fold the rectangle in half so that the outside fabric is together and the lining fabric faces out:

Start at the folded edge and sew a seam on 2 sides, stopping a few inches from the top edge of bag:

Turn the bag right side out and fold down a cuff on one side of the sleeping bag. I didn’t press it down at first, but it kept flipping up onto Cheese’s head when he was trying to rest… I recommend pressing:

The sleeping bag part is done! Make a little pillow with leftover fabric:

All that’s left to do is see how your little buddy likes it:

I made two of these… one for Cheese (who slept like a log last night) and one to send to a friend of mine. They were pretty easy to make; I hope the tutorial is helpful.

I wound up taking a giant nap today (too much fun over the weekend?) and I apologize for the delay in updating my Etsy shop… I’ve a few special orders for threadholders to take care of before I can make more for the shop, but I promise I’ll get to them asap. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Webkinz sleeping bag tutorial

  1. You’d probably sell quite a few of those blankie and pillow sets – Webkinz are soooo popular! Adorable that Cheese – too cute!


  2. Hi Monique,

    Well, I must say that Cheese is one
    lucky duck getting his own sleeping bag.
    And such a spiffy looking one at that.
    Very nice. Love the colours.

    I read about your book fair and suffered
    momentary pangs of severe jealousy before
    snapping out of it. Four boxes of books!
    You’re a girl after my own heart Monique.

    I loved reading about your day of picking
    out flooring, and buying a pool, and
    setting up said pool in the garage (!).
    Enjoyed seeing Cheese floating his boat in
    the pool, and then taking Barbie’s car for
    a spin. He’s quite the duck about town
    isn’t he?

    Hope the weather’s simmered down around
    your neighbourhood. We’ve been enjoying
    several days of heavy thunderstorms and
    either muggy weather or cool, damp weather.
    It’s keeping us on our toes.


  3. Thank you for a great tutorial :) I will share this with my 9 year old niece. I taught her to sew a couple of months ago because she wanted to make stuff for her Webkinz. We just did blankets and pillows, so she will love the sleeping bag idea :)

  4. I was going to order one of these from Etsy today…I had put Holly Jolly Holliday in my favorites last night but today Etsy must be having web problems so I searched and found this pattern…probably the one I looked at. I am thrilled because I have 17 (18 in Jan) grandchildren and now I can mass produce for all of them! Thanks.

  5. Cool!How creative.Now i can make a sleeping bag for my webkinz.Cheese looks cute in the bag.thanks


  6. Hello,
    I know this is an old blog of yours, and I had found it some time ago (maybe through patternreview.com?).
    My nephew has been asking me to make him some webkinz sleeping bags – so using your tutorial I have just completed 4 of them for his Christmas present!
    Thank you for taking the time to put this info up. My kids are far too old for webkinz (although they did have Beanie Babies!), so I was not too familiar with them.
    Thank you – and happy stitching!

  7. Saw this on the craft gossip today. I had promised my 5 year old daughter that we’d have her first sewing lesson today. The plan — to make a sleeping bag for a puppy I knitted for her. And now we have a pattern! I love it when a plan comes together :o)

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