Saturday morning in Winfield

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OK, photojournalist I am not… but I needed to run up to the post office this morning and thought I’d snap a few pics along the way. The National Guard has the roads blocked so I couldn’t get near enough to the flood water to take pictures of that (which is just as well– I felt a bit vulture-ish as it was) but I was able to take pics of some of the helpers we have here. I saw insurance trailers, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The Humane Society, and The National Guard.

I stopped and talked to the Humane Society and had a look inside their mobile rescue unit… while I’m sure the animals would rather be home with their families, they are certainly well cared for. The trailer was air conditioned and clean, and the cages were plenty big for them. But like the guy said, “we got ’em outta the water and that’s the most important thing”. I asked about donations, and he said that because their needs change so quickly, monetary donations through their website is the best way to go.  Edited to add: The Humane Society has built a much larger temporary shelter at the Pike County fairgrounds.  This is just one of the mobile rescue units in operation; they accept the pets (either from rescue workers or owners) here and then drive them up to the main emergency shelter.

I’ve decided to donate any money I earn through Studio Twenty for the next few days to the Missouri Humane Society. (so if there’s anything in my Etsy shop you were waffling about, now would be a good time to un-waffle) Every cent made on sales will be given to the Humane Society. Please feel free to post the link on your blogs or message boards you frequent, too. I’ll keep everyone updated on how much we raised ;)

Thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments and emails!

4 thoughts on “Saturday morning in Winfield

  1. Wow! Lots of flooding. Hope you’re okay – glad to hear the animals are okay. We have a Winfield here in Illinois too (I don’t think it’s the same one). Love that Cheese guy!! Thanks for popping by my blog and for the birthday wishes.

  2. Glad to hear that y’all are still high and dry at your house. Did you get any pets to foster or are they all being cared for by the Humane Society?

    Take care

  3. There is so much weather related trouble going on it’s scary. Hopefully the weather calms down and the water receeds quickly. We’ve had the national guard around our area lately helping to clear up the damage from downed trees and wires from recent storms. The storm went through over two weeks ago, and we still have several roads and lots of parks and things closed due to the remaining damage.

    I’m so far behind in posting to blogs, but wanted to say I enjoyed looking at your earlier posts. I love the way Cheese keeps popping in to say hi. Cheese in the sports car, at the parade, and in his little sleeping bag with pillow were adorable. Hope you all stay safe and dry.

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