Winfield flood news + fundraising results

It feels like my flood-related postings have been going on forever, but floods aren’t exactly the quickest natural disaster. My next post will be stitchy, promise ;)

Thank you all so much for helping me with this little fundraising campaign!! Your Studio Twenty purchases enabled me to donate $196 towards the MOHS Disaster Response Team. That’s right.. ALMOST TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! The rescue workers are still finding animals– today they logged 16, one of which was a poor kitty who had been in a tree for who knows how long. Like I said before, I’m very impressed with what they are accomplishing here. Here’s a thumbnail of the donation receipt, click to read:

The deer have also been having a hard time…they are either getting stranded on the levees or bolting out onto the main road. (video of a bunch on a levee) The highway department has posted signs that read, “Crash Hazard Ahead Deer on Road” and today we passed a few hand-made signs, like this one:

Today’s pictures are all a bit blurry/crooked but I was trying to drive, watch for deer, and take pics at the same time.


9 thoughts on “Winfield flood news + fundraising results

  1. Thank you so much for doing this Monique, I’m glad I was able to help out, even if just a little bit :)

  2. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do my small part in helping you out in this endeavor. It is a wonderful thing you did — not many people would. There is just one thing — that kitty in the center picture seems to be calling “Monique, Monique, take me home”. Don’t you hear it?

  3. Nice job on the fundraising!!! That’s a wonderful thing for you to do for the less recognized victims of the horrible floodiing. Hope you are staying dry!!

  4. don’t ever apologize for sharing other things other than stitching. The flooding that is happening is sooo hard on everyone! We definately know all about flooding .. we had a bad one last december .. covered a major freeway for weeks/months .. the animals just don’t know what to do :(

  5. Hi Monique,

    Darn it!! I missed reading your latest
    posts in a timely fashion and therefore
    missed your fund raising for the Humane
    Society. But congratulations on rallying
    the troups…er….fellow stitchers…
    and raising a tidy little sum for the
    fur babies caught in the flood.

    Hope the waters are receding and people
    can start returning to their homes and
    their lives soon, although the clean up
    will probably take a long time.

    Take care,

  6. Monique what a wonderful cause you raised donations towards! These babies deserve caring and love as well in this flood crisis. Hope you see the waters receding soon. Please take care!

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