lovely stitching day + some stash

On Tuesday, a few of us gathered for a stitching day at Teresa’s house and made ourselves at home on her back deck… isn’t her yard fabulous?!

This super-cute LK finish was hanging just inside the front door and I had to post a picture:

We ate and stitched and talked and ate… all in all a very lovely day! Before heading over to Teresa’s on Tuesday morning, I had ordered a few charts and they came in today’s mail:

I don’t have any progress pictures, though I have been stitching… I’ve been working on new designs. September’s Fall TNNA Market will be here any minute and I won’t have anything new to show if I don’t focus! Oh-speaking of September, here’s the cover of the ornament issue if you haven’t seen it yet:

Looks like someone forgot to put my ornament on the cover (ha!) but just knowing mine is in there is exciting enough. I’m hoping my recipe/article makes sense. I was down to the deadline as usual (like 20 minutes away in fact), getting ready to hop a plane to see about my uncle who had been taken to the hospital in Albuquerque, after about 30 hours without sleep because my cat was missing… and I honestly don’t remember what I turned in. I will be as surprised as everyone else ;)

Just one floody tidbit today: a muskrat is responsible for the latest levee break. The evac sirens woke me up early this morning!


9 thoughts on “lovely stitching day + some stash

  1. Her yard IS fabulous, looks like you all had a good time! I love the Lizzie Kate USA pattern and I’m definitely going to check out the JustCross 2008 Special Christmas Issue!

  2. A muskrat. Good heavens.

    Can’t wait to see some stitching pictures. That looks like such a great stitchy day together with friends. :D

  3. Congratulations on making the JCS Ornament Issue! : ) What a inviting yard! Great area to stitch. Sounds like a perfect day!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time, I’m glad you were able to get together with your friends and stitch. I love the LK piece, very cute. Fun stash as well. I also added the CCN Joyful Summer to my stash, the colors are great.

  5. Oops, forgot to add congrats on being in the Ornament catalog. I can’t wait to get mine and see what you have.

  6. Looking forward to getting that ornie issue! I’ll be looking for yours!

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