weekend finishes

I finished a quilt square for a little girl with a foot injury. Mary, I’ll mail this out within the next few days:

Front & back of a new design:

Another square for my LHN project:

I found these at a garage sale! They were glued into awful frames so I pried them loose and washed them… no clue what I’ll do with them yet, but I can vaguely imagine them being sewn into tote bags or something useful:

Just a few days until my anniversary… I’ve was so worried I’d forget again that I’ve been thinking about it every day for the past two weeks! Last night I asked my husband if he could believe we’ve been married for 10 years and he corrected me; it will only be 9 years on July 2nd. Well, at least I got the date right.


4 thoughts on “weekend finishes

  1. My goodness what lovely stitching you’ve gotten done! And I simply LOVE those garage sale finds…gorgeous!

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