can’t think of a clever title

My flooring is here, the carpet removal has begun, and plans are in place for a July 4th installation! I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be excited about a new floor, but I’m hitting the point where I feel the need to decorate on purpose rather than just redecorating around what’s already here.

The funny thing is that I’m planning my decorating around a tote bag. I like to keep a totebag holding a few stitching projects hanging on the coat closet door, and a few months ago I bought a new one. As I was sitting there looking at it one day, I realized that the fabric pattern included the exact color of my couch. And the exact color of my wall. So why not take it a step further, I thought? I hunted for a while and found curtains to match the bag and hung those up, then found a floor to match as well… I’ve been keeping an eye out for area rugs, too.

The tote bag was made by Janine King, and I just noticed that there’s a sale on in her Etsy shop. In case you want to redecorate one of your rooms, I mean.


6 thoughts on “can’t think of a clever title

  1. Heehee, no I have no intention of redecorating anything, but I do covet the bag. No wonder it inspired you to re-do the living room, it’s gorgeous! Good luck with all that!

  2. I absolutely love that tote! I have always liked that color combo and the print is very retro. I see absolutely nothing wrong with using the tote as a re-do springboard — inspiration comes from all over and I think this is a great inspiration. In fact, I went to the Etsy shop and am looking at one myself. Lovely colors and I look forward to seeing the completed floor!

  3. You will love those wood floors. I just had our living room and gallery done in February and it just takes my breath away every time I walk into the room. We had a sand beige carpet in that room that was impossible to keep clean. It was expensive but well worth it. And I love the colors in the bag. Those are my colors except for the lack of a red. Gotta have a punch of it somewhere.

  4. How exciting with new floors! We didn’t do much hardwood when we remodeled .. with two dogs it just wouldn’t have worked .. they slide too much on hardwood! We did do our entry way/hallway with it though .. took two weeks before our golden retriever would walk on it! lol

    ohhhhh shame on you .. I need another bag like I need a hole in my head! yet I’m sure I’ll be buying one! lol

  5. Great bag! I’m a bag girl (hoard them like a junkie here) so love that one! The flooring is nice – gonna be great.


  6. Hey – why not decorate because of a bag that makes you happy? It seems like a great idea as it will help you bring positive energy into your home – and the pride that comes along with doing the redecorating yourself.

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