what I got for my anniversary

pictured below: My Mark, “a little love”

Today I got a really sweet card and a pile of charts:

But the best gift of all (she said sarcastically) was the promise of surgery:

No wonder I’ve been feeling less than clever lately!


20 thoughts on “what I got for my anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope everything goes well with the gallstones … no fun. Looks like a lot of great charts!

  2. Terrific stuff! I esp like the Love design of yours.

    At least you know why you’ve been feeling that way, eh? Goodness!


  3. Oh what a “lovely” design, Monique! :D And that new pile of stash is positively yummy!

    Very sorry to hear about the gallbladder issues, and I do hope it’s all soon behind you.

  4. Hi Monique,

    Well, at least the stash is there to
    provide the “sugar” needed to help the
    medicine go down. Ick! Surgery! Poor
    you. Hope they can do some sort of key
    hole surgery that won’t require too much
    stress and aggravation for you.

    Its interesting to see what inspires us.
    Something just catches the eye and
    engages the soul…or something like that.
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your newly
    installed floor.

    Had to laugh (sorry) about your trouble
    remembering your wedding anniversary.
    What? No wedding samplers hung around
    the house with the pertinent information?

    Your quilt block is so cute! Love Britter-
    cup designs. Their kitties are so cute.
    And your No Frogs Allowed is a riot! I
    foresee this one being very popular.

    Are those two pieces that you found at
    the garage sale done in cross stitch or
    petite point?? Or something else? Glad
    you rescued them.


  5. Happy Anniversary! You’ve got some great charts!

    So sorry about the impending surgery, hopefully the road to recovery is a quick one!

    And I love your bag that does double duty as an interior designer, lol!

  6. Hey Monique,
    You will be so happy when your gallbladder is out and can’t bother you anymore. I had mine out years ago, before they could go laproscopically (can’t spell, sorry). Hope you can get it done and over with real soon =)

  7. Gallbladders, thyroids… why don´t they give us a break, eh? At least now you know what’s been bothering you. Good luck with all that, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    That’s quite a collection of gorgeous charts!

  8. What a wonderful array of charts! They are all so cute. I am so sorry about the gall bladder and the surgery but I think, these days, it is reasonably tolerable. My thoughts are with you and I am sorry you have been feeling poorly :( You will be better soon and you do have all those charts to keep your mind occupied!

  9. Happy Anniversay Monique! Sorry to hear about the gallstone-painful things they can be. Your stash is lovely-some great charts you got there.

  10. Happy Anniversary Monique! I had my gallstones out in my early forties, best thing in the world. Haven’t had a problem since!

    Great stash and love “a little love”.

    Have a wonderful and safe AND dry 4th!

  11. Happy Anniversary!!
    I’m glad you got a date for your gallbladder surgery…I got mine removed last year and I’m feeling great now!!

  12. Wow what a lovely selection of charts Monique!

    Sorry to hear about your gallstones problem. Hope you get surgery soon and are feeling much better.

  13. Happy Anniversary, and what a great selection of charts you got. However, sorry about the gallstones, that sounds painful. Hope it is able to be taken care of quickly though and you’re feeling much better soon.

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