the f word

Croc-a-doodle-doo-dads Flowers for Crocs
All dressed up....Daisy Mae in Turquoise....felt puffy heart pendant
Glub glub goldfish pincushion... made to order
Pink Pansies Pin
Spunky Robot Oogabooga Plush Toy
a little bird and flowers (blue)
Cute Little Owl - Baby Blue Hoo
Ladybugs mini art dolls pair - mother and daughter

It’s funny how out of sorts a redecorating project can make you feel. Because of the floor installation, the furniture (including my stitching nest) is out in the garage, the TV is in my studio (not hooked up), and I don’t know where the cd player has gotten to. I read for a while last night but I couldn’t focus well with my little world out of order. So I turned to the f word… FELT.

I have had a list of ideas for felt projects I want to try for a long time now. I have tons of wool felt squares, boxes of wool roving, needlefelting tools, etc. I have been preparing for my foray into the world of felty goodness for well over a year now and have never started a single felt thing! Why is that?! WHY don’t I make more time for fun things I’d like to try?!

After philosophizing for a bit, I decided to get started on a needlefelting project. But the needlefelting stuff is in my studio, which is where my computer is, and I thought I’d just check my Etsy convos first, which I did… but then I went off on a little tangent and found some really cute things made of felt. Just when I was inspired to begin, the fireworks started.

Every year the neighbors behind us put on a fireworks display that rivals those put on by major cities. Really. Although I was able to get a better picture than last year, the clearest of the bunch is still not very good. I’d need a better camera and photography skills to ever get a good one.

After the neighbors finished up, I walked into the living room to admire the flooring. I started thinking about what kind of area rug I’d like, and imagining what pictures I’d like to have on the walls, and noticing how bland the kitchen floor looks now, and so on. By the time I redecorated almost the entire house in my head, I was tired and went to bed.

Another evening spent not felting.


8 thoughts on “the f word

  1. It must be catching – I was playing with felt yesterday ;) It’s fun to try something a little different sometimes!

  2. Oh MY ~ well Fiona just came home with me. LOL She is adorable. Great fireworks pic. This was the first 4th in our new house and now we know the entire neighborhood does fireworks – there was smoke everywhere. LOL Ben had a big area to see the colors in the sky!


  3. Oh, some day you will start playing with your felt for real, and then you will wonder why on earth you started another fabulous hobby, because you only have so many hours in one day, and those hours are filled with raising and teaching children and creating all kinds of other wonderful, beautiful things like cross stitch designs and thread holders and goodness knows what else. Before you know it you’re insane, and we can’t have that!
    Having said that, those felt projects are simply stunning!

  4. Those are awesome fireworks. Good luck with all the redecorating, not having things where you want them and expect them to be would be very stressful. Sounds like it will be great when done though.

  5. Can’t wait to see your completed felt projects in the future.:)
    Great fireworks pix. I haven’t seen one since I came here.

  6. Hi Monique,

    Wow, the new floor looks amazing!
    I love it. Now I want to get ours
    done too. And then have a nice big
    bonfire to burn our hideous old
    carpet!! Oh dear, this daydreaming
    stuff can get out of hand, can’t it?

    I’d love to see what you’d make with
    all your felting supplies and equip-
    ment. Seeing what’s being done by
    other Etsy artists it’s obvious
    that this could become another craft
    obsession. Oh..oh!

    I’m the same way with scrapbooking.
    I’ve got supplies, I’ve got pictures,
    and I love the x-stitch/scrapbook
    combinations I’ve seen you do, but
    for the most part all I’ve managed
    to accomplish so far is the dreaming
    part. But I think for me part of
    my problem is intimidation and lack
    of confidence. The “I couldn’t
    possibly do that!!” syndrome.

    Your neighbour’s fireworks looked
    incredible. We had fireworks set
    off on Friday night (the fourth)
    which were quite impressive. Don’t
    know if they were left over from
    Canada day or were meant to celebrate
    the American fourth. I’m not even
    sure of where they were being set
    off, but I suspect it was the local

    Hope things are back to normal in
    your home again.


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