the new floor!


23 thoughts on “the new floor!

  1. beautiful floor Monique! It looks like the floor in my stitching room!!!!!! LOVE IT!@!!

  2. Ooooh it’s puuuurty! (or purtiful, as my DH would say!)

    Hmmm. I’m inspired. Wouldn’t that color make a beautiful background for a sampler? Am I capable of dying something to match? (probably not.)

  3. Oh! Its beautiful! I like that wall color too. Okay, now we need a picture of the kitchen. Here is a link to one of my friend’s blogs. She’s done a lot of remodeling of her home. At the bottom of this first link and then some more if you click on older posts, you can see some changes she made to her kitchen. I love the red/white theme she’s got going on!

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