It’s VBS week, and it’s hot. We’d been having relatively cool weather so being out in the heat really threw me for a loop today.

I’m predicting a slow blog week… I’ve got several projects I’m working on, not the least of which is a square for exchange which I need to finish. After I start it, I mean. (Don’t worry Dani!)

I’m trying to track down this fabric to make couch pillows:

It’s Surf & Sand by Marcus Brothers. I’ll stop by my favorite quilt shop tomorrow to see if they have any left… it’s not widely available anymore but I’m hoping I can find some. I probably should call the shop first, but that’s just not as fun. And I’ll need to get in out of the heat anyway, right? Yeah.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my new floor! I seriously love it, and it has improved my mental state immensely :)

There was something else I was planning to post about, but I now can’t remember what it was. I hate that I can remember that I’ve forgotten something! It would be better if I never remembered that there was anything to remember at all. Oy.


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  1. Don’t worry Monique … I think we’re in the same boat at the moment. I have everything for it but just need to get started (I should today).

  2. Hi Monique

    Although late : Happy anniversary!! and I hope that you’re OK
    I wish the best for your life and your family dear friend
    A hug

    Maria del Valle

  3. See! The desire to play with felt is already getting to you!
    Love the fabric you’re searching for. It’s seriously Scandinavian looking, I think. I hope you will be able to find it!

  4. Hi Monique, I’ve been catching up here and just love that you redecorated your house to match your tote bag. :) And a very lovely tote it is! Hope you find your fabric. Your new floors are lovely.

  5. Hi Monique,

    Are you surviving the heat and the
    busyness okay??? May I ask what VBS
    stands for?? Aside from “Very Busy
    Stitcher” I mean.

    You’ve got some beautiful fabrics there
    and I think the one you were looking for
    to make pillows with is really cool. Very

    Love the little square that Milly stitched
    for you too. The red is so rich.


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