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My exchange partner for round #7 (Kathy in AU) has received her squares so I can post a finished picture. The design is by Trilogy; I changed the border and used my own colors.

We will be going to Chicago soon and one of our first stops after we leave the airport will be American Girl Place. Elizabeth has a list of what Nellie (the AG doll that will be traveling with us) needs to pack, and I think she’ll have more clothes than I will:

Thank you so much for your comments/emails/purchases supporting my daughter’s Etsy efforts! She’s getting so encouraged by the sales, and was inspired to make a few more this afternoon- which I just listed.

I watched Project Runway tonight… I can’t believe how many of them chose fabric substitutes (like tablecloths!) instead of something interesting. Not a particularly exciting show, but I’m sure by the end of next week I’ll be hooked as usual. Anyone else a PR addict?


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  1. Cute square! Nellie is going to be prepared for everything, yes? Three pairs of PJs, too funny! I only ever bring one. lol

    Me, me, I’m a PR addict! I had the DVR set, though I didn’t need to record it. The husband rolls his eyes and pokes fun. I don’t care. I love watching people create under extreme conditions.

  2. I have to admit that I really hate that program. LOL!

    Love your daughter’s artistic talent, though! And this time, I was in time…. :D

  3. I love Project Runway!!! I have not watched this week’s episode yet (it’s saved on my Tivo) but I hope to this evening.

  4. Hey, Nellie and I pack alike. :) My husband is always saying “There is NO WAY you could possibly go through that many pairs of underwear!” Tell Elizabeth Nellie needs a bunch of socks, too, in case she’s squeamish about hotel carpeting like me. :)

  5. I’m a Project Runway fanatic as well! I tivo it though and watch it the next day…hubby just doesn’t understand this guilty pleasure!
    One of the designers this time lives here in Portland so it will be fun to see how she does.

    Your Trilogy square is cute and I love the ones Dani sent you too!

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