exchange squares and AI anticipation

Today’s mail brought these super cute squares from Dani… I just love them! Thanks much, Dani!

Tomorrow will be a busy day, starting with a 9am zoo class for my daughter and ending with the American Idol concert. Both are near downtown St. Louis, so we will just hang out down there all day… wonder what we’ll wind up doing? I found out what hotel the Idols are in, but I have to draw the line at stalking with a 9 year old in tow.


14 thoughts on “exchange squares and AI anticipation

  1. I’m glad you like them … I had fun stitching them:). My dream summer vacation … a summer on the shore (probably New England or Mid Atlantic).

  2. Gorgeous squares – no wonder you love them!

    The big date has come – remember I want a play by play account, my dear. Our AI concert you know is coming up – I will live through yours in the meanwhile. LOL


  3. Greetings Monique!!

    Now Zoo Class sounds like it would be a
    lot of fun. We have a wonderful zoo in
    Toronto, but it’s on the opposite side of
    the city from where we’re located so we
    don’t get there as often as I’d like. I
    Love going to the zoo!

    So how was the concert? I must confess
    that I’ve never really watched American
    (or Canadian) Idol, although of course
    I’ve heard a lot about it over the years.
    It’s hard to miss. And yeah, I guess
    staking out the hotel with your daughter
    in tow might be considered a bit out-
    there. But I won’t tell anyone, if you

    Elizabeth’s art is so bright and colourful,
    and she’s certainly got an eye for detail.
    The one with the cat that you featured in
    a previous post is my favourite…of
    course. It’s a grey tabby, like my Phoebe.

    Wow, those registers that match your new
    floor are so cool!! I’ve never seen them
    before either. They are amazing!

    I love the square that you stitched for
    Kathy. Love the colours that you chose to
    stitch it with. Designs that feature
    elements of the four seasons are favourites
    of mine.

    Hope you have a nice visit to Chicago.
    That would be an interesting city to
    explore for a week or two.


  4. When I was a teenager we would hang out at hotels where our favorite performers were staying when they were in town – sometimes we got a room there :)

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