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My daughter had a 3-hour reptile class at the St. Louis Zoo last Friday, so we all walked around a bit while she was in there. The zoo has this marvelous path called The River’s Edge, which is where the exhibits for the African animals (elephants, hippos, etc) are located. The path is planted up so nicely with lush greenery:

The children’s zoo has a neat meerkat habitat, and it’s fun to stand there and watch them play. It’s usually hard for me to take a good photo of meerkats (they run around so quickly!) but this one stopped to pose for me:

The children’s zoo also has plenty of birds that walk around at will. There are always peacocks, chickens, and turkeys roaming around. This was the first time I’ve seen one watching a show, though:

I brought home the sweetest purple penguin stuffie; she and Cheese bonded immediately:


8 thoughts on “zoo pictures

  1. We are bound for the zoo soon – haven’t been in ages and Zack hasn’t been YET! That purple penquin is THE cutest thing…ok, next to Cheese of course :o)


  2. Wow the zoo has really changed since I have been there which is over 20 years. Nothing like moving to Tx. to keep you away.

  3. Oh, I miss the St. Louis zoo. :( We used to live in central IL and go to STL a lot. I don’t know where else in the country you can find such a great zoo for FREE!

  4. Ahhhh…Cheese has a girlfriend. I hope she’s worthy of our Cheese!

    Normally I avoid zoos, but yours looks fun, pretty and not sad.

  5. We love love love the St Louis Zoo! We try to go every Wednesday night during the summer when they have later hours (when there aren’t other obligations and/or rain).

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