a finish and a vacation

Dani received her squares in the mail so now I can post a picture. The theme for the exchange was Celebrate Summer so I designed a square with a sand castle (what I always immediately think of when anyone mentions summer). I don’t know if it shows up well enough here, but I added a navy ship (in the distance) with a very pale gray because Dani is is the Navy.

I’ve done so much planning for this trip that I feel like I’ve been to Chicago twice already in the last week! This is a case of country mouse visiting the big city… I’ve mapped bus routes so we don’t get lost, and studied maps so we aren’t going back and forth every day. The two major cities I’ve had experience with (St. Louis and Albuquerque) don’t have real/practical public transit systems and when I’ve been to Chicago before we always had our car. This will be my first time using buses and trains (and feet!) to get around, so I’m looking forward to that experience.

My friend Marianne (of Midnight Stitching) just posted a pic of her newest release on her blog… I love it!  Go have a look; bet you like it too ;)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


16 thoughts on “a finish and a vacation

  1. Oh my gosh, it sounds like something I’d do to prepare for a trip. Drive Niek crazy. LOL.

    Love that square you designed!

  2. Darling square, Monique! I love sancastles, too. You hardly ever see one anymore. Chicago is such a fun city to visit. You’re smart to plan out your trip…it’s easy to get sidetracked because there’s so much to do! Hope you have a great time. Hugs, Deb

  3. What a beautiful summer square! Makes me wish we had a beach around here :)

    I’ve never been to Chicago but my husband keeps saying we need to go check it out.

    That is a lovely new design! Thanks for linking to it so we could all see it!

  4. Lovely sqaure Monique!

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

    Yep I’ve seen Marianne’s new design and I LOVE it!

  5. What a fun square, a great summer piece. Stitching is a Hoot turned our wonderful as well. Also, can’t wait to see Don’t Bug Me finished up, that one’s adorable too. My you have lots of fun projects you’ve been working on.

    Loved the pictures of Cheese. Him and his penguin friend and modeling his new leash for when he goes to Chicago were great. With all your planning you should have a wonderful trip.

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