It’s good to be home. By Thursday, even my daughter was saying she’d be glad to get home. There were some good moments but I do believe that was the longest short vacation I have ever taken. (there was a series of unfortunate events) One especially aggravating thing was that my camera was misplaced for nearly the whole trip, so I have a pic of American Girl Place and a pic of the view from our hotel room window (looking south), and none of the rest of the trip!

It was not all bad, though! My favorite experience was taking Elizabeth to the beach. The only beach she’d seen before is the one at Disney’s Beach Club (and that one is manufactured) so this was her first time feeling the sand move around her feet as the waves came in, watching little fish swimming around her legs, and collecting “seaweed”… she had the best time playing in the lake, and I had the best time watching her!

Speaking of the beach, the Funk & Weber Designs puzzle pattern contest Clue of the Day is “Beech.” (ok it’s different than beach, but still) For a chance to win the Grand Prize (the first pattern out of the box and all the materials to stitch it), solve this puzzle. For more information about this contest visit Jen’s blog.

I was thinking, why do snowmen get all the glory?! This is one of my new designs, “equal rights”… to be released soon.

Yikes! It’s after midnight and I’ve got to get to bed; I’m worn out from the trip. I’ll have to share a few of the fun things we did in Chicago next time. Goodnight :)

7 thoughts on “home.

  1. Oh Monique! That snowwoman is darling and those boobies – too funny and cute :o)

    Glad to hear the trip went well – fiascos, as I call them – happen every time we leave home, far or near. LOL Happy to see you back!


  2. Glad you had such a good time on the trip, the beach part especially sounds like it was fun. To bad about the camera though. I had the same problem when I went on my vacation earlier, my camera died the first day, what a pain. Your Snow woman design is very cute.

  3. I know how you feel about being home. We just got back from South Florida today and I am so happy to be back in my bed I can’t stand myself:) I adore your snow woman-too cute. Glad to hear that you had a great trip!

  4. Welcome back Monique. Wish I could get away as everybody seems to want a piece of me and I don’t want to play! Lol!

    LOVE the snow woman!

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