it was a dark and stormy night, etc.

…and the roof was blown off the school building close to our house! I heard the helicopters this morning (which almost always means a natural disaster or deadly accident has occurred) and went up the street to see what they were looking at. OK, I was going out anyway, but I did grab my camera. I saw the channel 4 news lady doing her “live on the scene” report and the Fox news van, too. You know, for a sleepy little town of about 700 Winfield sure gets its fair share of news coverage.

In Chicago, we all went to Chinatown and walked up & down Wentworth Ave. for a quick glimpse of the tourist-trap shops. There were many of the food markets that we couldn’t go into because the smell of fish was so overwhelming, but we did go into a few of the tacky-and-cute-stuff stores. Elizabeth and I got matching folding fans, I got us a Lucky (or maybe Happy?) Turtle for our kitchen windowsill and I found these notebooks which I couldn’t resist:

Cute, no? I’m sure “ice creae” is meant to be “ice cream”, but the mistake is charming and I love the saying on the yellow notebook which reads, “I wanna tell sweet stories to everyone who wishes to have sweet dreams”. We ate lunch at the Won Kow, which is just as good as it ever was, except for the egg rolls which had shrimp in them-ew. (I sent them back right away) I don’t know why people want to ruin good food by mixing in fishy stuff!

I’m starting my Simplify September a month early. Every September I purge extra art supplies, stitching stash I haven’t found time to use, WIPs I haven’t worked on in a year, books I’m not going to read, clothes I’m not going to wear, and so on. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates in a short time! I’ve got a busy fall coming up so I thought I’d get a jump on things. I’ll be listing some destash (de-stashing: the opposite of accumulating craft-related items) in my Etsy shop as well as offering some things for free here on my blog. Today’s offering:

I will mail these 2 Easter charts to anyone, anywhere, so please don’t be shy. If you are interested, make sure you say that specifically in your comment on this post. (If more than one person is interested, I’ll do a drawing) I want this to move along quickly, so I’ll let everyone know who gets it when I make my next post. Thanks for helping me reduce my stash pile :)

Edited: Jennifer has won the Easter charts ;)

7 thoughts on “it was a dark and stormy night, etc.

  1. Hi Monique, I’ll take them if no one else wants them. I don’t have many Easter patterns to choose from. And they look like they’d be fairly fast to stitch up which is always a plus for me! lol Seems like everyone in the States is having bad weather. Here in the South we’ve got hot humid weather that brings thunderstorms almost every afternoon. And the lightening, wow!

  2. Hi Monique! Popping by to say hello. I’ve been very absent from blog reading and commenting. ;)

    We’ll have to go to Chinatown together someday. I’ll eat ALL the fish you don’t want! LOL!

  3. what a horrible thing to have happen right before school starts! I am sure the kids don’t feel that way but what a mess. Your community sure has seen more than your share of problems — I hope things get better!

  4. My goodness but your little town attracts a lot of nasty weather. You’ll have to show us pictures of 10-foot snowdrifts this winter! Two things disappoint me about your vacation: first, that you don’t eat any fish. Any at all? Not even shrimp? And the other: where the heck was Cheese? Welcome back, and I got the lovely “Free Kittens” by your talented daughter, which is displayed proudly over my desk.

  5. Please add my name if you are going to do a drawing. Those Easter designs are cute!

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