crows for free today

It’s a drive-by posting today. Heleen (no blog?) won the drawing for the Halloween kit, and today I have 2 crow charts that need to fly over to someone else’s home. I’ll mail these two charts to anyone, anywhere, so please don’t be shy. (If you are interested, make sure you say that specifically in your comment on this post) Thanks for helping me reduce my stash pile! The crows:

I slept most of today and I’m feeling better but still not great so I suspect I’ll be taking it easy over the weekend. I’ve got an article that I must write (I won’t even pretend that I’ve started yet) because the deadline is Monday. Despite all good intentions, I’m just a girl who’s always up against a deadline. sigh.

Edited: Melissa has won the crow chart drawing :)


13 thoughts on “crows for free today

  1. Hi Monique,

    You have my sympathy regarding the cold
    you’ve been suffering through. Hope it
    continues to get better and you can get
    some rest this weekend.

    Wow, you certainly get some nasty weather
    around your neighbourhood. Did you hear
    the storm that tore the roof off the
    school?? It must have been some wind.

    We’ve had some pretty intense thunderstorms
    this week, and even got some hail during
    one session. And it’s certainly gotten
    cool here this evening. It feels more
    like September then August.

    Glad to read that you all had a good
    time in Chicago, even if it was an
    exhausting time. Vacations are fun,
    but as Dorothy found out after her stay
    at that all inclusive resort in Oz,
    there’s no place like home.

    Your stitching designs are so funny!
    Equal rights for Snow-women indeed!!

    Your decluttering efforts are laudable
    and I wish you best of luck with it.
    Trouble is, the more you get rid of, the
    more creeps in to take it’s place.
    Around here anyways.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Are you
    planning to watch the Olympics at all?
    I’ve got zero interest in the thing
    myself I’m afraid. Don’t care for
    sports. Hope the weather is nice enough
    to sit out on the deck and stitch.


  2. I won’t be shy, I would LOVE to have those two charts!!! Now I have to go take a peek at what you’re selling =)

  3. Hi Monique,

    Hope you feel better soon…please enter me in for a chance to have the charts, thank you.


  4. Oh crows. Dear me. I cannot resist. Would you please include me in the drawing?

    So you have a nasty cold AND a pressing deadline? Life just stays so darned interesting all the time, doesn’t it? ;) Good luck both taking care of yourself and getting healthy again.

  5. You should definitely take it easy over the weekend. Summer colds — or whatever — are definitely not a good thing. Please enter me in your drawing. Tell Cheese that I think he did a wonderful job in the last drawing, even if Heleen did win — it’s a good thing! How is cheese getting on with his new friend? Does she have a name yet? Did I miss a post! AAggghhh!

  6. hope you feel better now.:)
    i too is packed up with lots of work… wishing at times i have 4 hands… lol *wink*
    have a great day!

  7. I Like it! include me,so… help to you because you say: “Thanks for helping me reduce my stash pile! “!! LOl!

    Maria del Valle

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