a quilting finish

Sometimes, you just have to quilt what you are feeling. This weekend was one of those times:

As I get ready to enter a new phase in my life, I’m
feeling like a child again… filled with wonder and apprehension,
staring at an ocean of possibilities and

clutching my floatie that’s filled with 30 some-odd years experience
and wondering
Will it hold me up?


The winner of the drawing for the 2 crow charts was Melissa. The next free to a good home item is this Textile Heritage scissors fob kit:

I’ll mail this little kit to anyone, anywhere, so please don’t be shy. (If you are interested, make sure you say that specifically in your comment on this post) Thanks for helping me reduce my stash pile!

Edited Monday evening to add:  Heather has won the drawing for this fob kit!  Thank you for all your lovely comments about my quilting :)

30 thoughts on “a quilting finish

  1. Hi Monique,

    Wow, this quilt is gorgeous!! You quilt too?? Holy Cats!! You’re talented! This is such a cool piece. I love the way you’ve expressed your feelings and given them an outlet with your quilting. Guess that’s what makes you an
    artist. Being able to make your visions into reality.


  2. Monique, your quilting is really cool!! I don’t quilt, but both of my sisters do, but neither does what i call art quilting (probably not the correct term). ps – would love the heritage kit – i love their designs.

    Thanks, Deborah

  3. Loved the design on the quilt and loved to be in the draw for the kit too, thanks, Monique :D
    have a good week ahead.

  4. Good golly, Monique! I wasn’t aware that you quilt! Beautiful! Well done!!

    I don’t have a sissor fob yet, please enter my name! :)

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d add my name in to the drawing for the fob kit :).

  6. I really like your little quilt — mostly because it has meaning — and applique — but mostly meaning. It looks like a sturdy floatie — I think it will serve you well.

    Stick my name in your drawing, please, ma’am.

  7. Monique,

    Your quilting is really fun. I would love to be included in the Tudor Hearts drawing.

  8. Monique! Wow! You’re so incredibly talanted! I hope you make a little tag for the back with your explanation of this quilt! And I hope it hangs in a great place in your house! Too Cool!

  9. What a lovely quilt, and it does seem to put into picture feelings. Somehow no matter how old we get there are times (more than we’d like really) where we do feel like we are jumping in and hoping our “floatie” keeps our head above water.

  10. Change is always an interesting beast and I think you captured the feels perfectly in your quilt. BTW, I not only received the two kits I bought from your destashing efforts, but I’ve finished them already, as well. Feel free to check my blog for the results. :)

  11. So very pretty Monique. Now do tell – what new phase are you getting ready to enter, and why are you apprehensive? See..I do read!

  12. My daughter and I love your quilt, Monique! Hope all is going well for you in your new business.

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