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I’m having the hardest time getting any stitching done during the Olympics! Here’s all I have done so far (from 3 nights viewing) on LHN’s Peaches. I actually didn’t think I’d get as interested as I have in the Olympics but goodness a lot is going on this time! Phelps is incredible to watch… he’s seriously a swimming genius, and the gymnastics has been a bit odd with all of the falls and out of bounds. But there’s no way those Chinese girls on the gymnastics team are 16 years old! Anyway, I’m definitely doing more watching than stitching.

Next up for giveaway is this LK Snippet, “Praise Your Children”. I’ll mail this chart to anyone, anywhere, so please don’t be shy. (If you are interested, make sure you say that specifically in your comment on this post) Thanks for helping me reduce my stash pile!

Edited to add: Erica was the winner of this giveaway :)

I just got this block in today’s mail. I’m in a monthly exchange and the theme this time was “mermaids”… very glad to receive Rita’s block! I have been getting these blocks for over a year now, and I haven’t done anything with any of them yet… I just keep putting them in my fuppie box. (my fuppie box is where the Finished but Unfinished Projects go) I really need to do something with them!

In case you are wondering, I got my article done and turned in 23 minutes before the deadline ;)


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  1. Duh…I forgot to add that I received your mermaid block today as well, and I love it! I’m still wondering what to do with all these wonderful blocks I’ve been receiving too…

  2. ITA on the chinese gymnasts. They’re good, but I find it VERY hard to believe they’re 16. I know there’s a tendency for Asians to retain a youthful appearance even as they get older, but come on. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

    And I am really enjoying watching Michael Phelps swim. It’s simply amazing – and like you, there’s more watching than stitching going on!

  3. I’ve been cruising in and out of the Olympics – it’s tough to watch the Canadians fail so miserably, but then again, we are more winter sport-type folks anyway… :-)

    I’d love to be considered for that LK Snippet – I’ve never seen it before and I just love the sentiment. Thanks for offering all these things up for people – it’s extra-ordinarily kind of you!

  4. Monique, I have done my blog drawing a little early and you are a winner! Could you please send me your snail mail address so I can mail your little package to you?
    Thanks for playing and giving your thoughts on my piece of artwork.

  5. What a cute block in the exchange!

    I watched Phelps swim some but that’s about it here. It wore me out. LOL

    Back from IDOL!!

  6. I agree…some of those Chinese girls were NOT 16 years old. There is such a thing as a youthful appearance, but those coaches are REALLY stretching it by claiming those little 12-13 year olds are 16. What a shame that they feel the need to lie. :-(
    And the judging for the womens’ all-around…disgusting. Shawn and Nastia should have had higher scores in a couple of the rounds.

    Michael Phelps is amazing. He’s a true athlete and conducts himself with amazing sportsmanship that many athletes seem to have forgotten.

  7. That mermaid block is so great!

    I don’t want to be in the drawing, but you’ve reminded me that SOMEWHERE I have another kids-theme L*K chart that I’ve meant to stitch …. must go find it!

  8. Not only do I love your designs but I love that Lizzie Kate one too. And it’s one I don’t have. :) I would enjoy being entered in your drawing.

  9. I have been looking for a box for finished but unfinished projects, something nice in case they never get any farther, but I didn’t know what to call it! Now I do! A fuppie box! I love it! You have such a knack for naming things — very clever and cute. I would be honored if you would stick my name in your drawing.

  10. ITA about the women’s gymnastics this year!! What’s up with that?? Anyways, nice stitching so far!!

  11. Hi Monique,

    I don’t know how anyone can watch tv and
    stitch at the same time anyways. I can’t
    do it. I know that many sports can be
    sort of watched during the exciting bits
    and listened to for the rest, but I don’t
    think the Olympics would count as that
    sort of thing.

    So I think you’re doing well with Peaches.
    I stitched this one a year or so ago and I
    love it. The colours, the cats, it’s all
    good. These little LHN/Crescent Colours
    sets are so much fun, and so sweet. They
    would look great in a quilt/wall hanging
    all together.

    The mermaid block that you received from
    Rita is so pretty. The blues used in it
    are gorgeous!!

    Stitchers are great for coming up with
    their own lingo/slang expressions. So
    now we can add another one to our
    lexicon of stitching phrases: Fuppie!!
    Hey Monique….you’re now a trend
    setter. :)


  12. I think you are doing great stitching and watching the Olympics :) it is tough for sure! although there are boring times too ;)

    I just adore the mermaid square! very cute :)

  13. Please add my name to the list for the Lizzie Kate pattern.

    I found your website while looking for images of this weekend’s Festival of the Little Hills. Our family had such a great time this year!

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