festival weekend

Over the weekend, we went to the Festival of the Little Hills, in St. Charles, MO. About 200,000 people go attend annual festival which takes over historic Main Street and Frontier Park.

I have pictures of Main Street without the crowds here and here, if you want to see what a pretty area it is. Mercifully, it wasn’t too hot…my daughter and I both get wicked crabby in crowds if we are too warm! We were able to stay for almost 6 hours.

We did not eat any of the fried food (my gallbladder was cringing just from reading this sign), but we did get some of the Kettle Corn, which is popcorn made in big kettles over a fire and sweetened!

We sniffed candles ’till we had headaches, but didn’t buy any… these were made with wax and I’m a soy girl. The soy vendors had mostly baked food scents, which make me hungry so I won’t burn those in our home. Cranilla (cranberry vanilla) is our favorite scent, but we didn’t find any of those.

Is there a Tiki trend I’m not aware of?! We passed several booths full of Tiki-themed decorations!

And of course no Missouri festival would be complete without an antique tractor display :)


8 thoughts on “festival weekend

  1. Hi Monique,

    There’s nothing I love more then a
    festival or a fair. The booths full
    of crafts, food and other goodies are
    endlessly fascinating and so is the
    people watching. If it’s a country
    fair I love visiting the animals too.

    Thanks for the post showing how to use
    those finishing forms. It looks pretty
    straight forward. I like having the
    pictures to show me what to do since
    I’m a visual person. Written
    instructions just confuse and discourage


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful lot to do and see. I’m glad the weather was good for you. I love candles too, and also tend to prefer the soy, I think they burn cleaner. Also like you I try to stay away from food scents that give me the munchies. Loved your earlier post on the frog finish, the instructions were so clear. I’m really finishing challenged, and I think I could actually do this.

  3. Oh yes I love soy candles too!
    (I think I may have added an inch around my middle just by seeing that sign! Who knew so much could be fried!)
    I like your finishing instructions on the froggy. Now I need to Google to find those forms… I think I can handle finishing that way. It looks great too :)

  4. The festival sounded great, I miss going to things like that. I need to get out more.I still have to call you, just to chat. I keep remembering to do it and then I think maybe you are busy. But I will do it soon,

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