an olympic stitching finish

Finally finished Peaches last night… I think I’ll make it into a zippered pouch like this one. I changed the kitty color to match my Katie’s fur:

I think she has a headache from all of the controversy surrounding the Olympics this year, particularly the girl’s women’s gymnastics… Alicia, Nastia, and Shawn have all been cheated by the Chinese government and it’s a shame. It’s crazy how obvious it is, too! And how ridiculous that a gymnast’s reported age should be verified by a document issued by the government who’s lying in the first place. Although, on that point I’m not really sure what can be done since every age-verification document I can think of is government issued. And that tiebraking method?! Don’t get me started.

So Erica won the last drawing, and it’s time for another. I’ve found 2 more little blackbird charts that need a new home! If you are interested in these, please specifically say so in your comment. I’m happy to mail these to anyone, anywhere, so please don’t be shy.

Edited to add: Marianne won this drawing ;)

Citius, Altius, Fortius!


27 thoughts on “an olympic stitching finish

  1. Cute!!!!!!! And that kitty of yours is adorable – love the pose. lol

    Ben has been SO into the Olympics. We were rooting for Phelps night after night – how awesome to do that. Heck, any of those relays and swims – too fascinating. The women’s diving scares me! Eek. I don’t really care for the judging events because it can be so different by 1/100th of a point – silly to me.

    Please enter me in your drawing!

  2. That Peaches finish sure goes well with your cat :)
    I should start on some red cat things to please my cats ;)

    I’d love to enter the draw for those little blackbird charts they are cute :)


  3. Great Peaches finish and I love love love orangy/brown kitties! Please put my name in for the Blackbird Sampler!

    I love watching the Olympics, but there is always at least one controversy brewing.

  4. I agree with everything you wrote about the Olympics. Love all three of the cats! Please include my name in the drawing for the charts. They are really cute!

  5. I won’t really get into all the hoo-ha surrounding the gymnastics judging, other than to the say the judges really need to learn a thing or two about what it takes to judge. Take the dang deductions when they’re warranted, for pete’s sake!


  6. Oooooh, cute kitties, both stitched and RL.
    I have no idea what the controversy is you’re talking about. In fact, I haven’t turned on my TV for weeks and weeks, so the entire Olympics thing is something I read about in stitching blogs :o)

  7. Darling Peaches finish and darling cat. I like the zipper bag it is a nice neat little piece to have for notes and a pencil.


  8. Love how well you matched your Peaches kitty to your little baby. Don’t you just love it when they sleep so cute? Great LHN project!
    This is one time I’d like to draw for the charts, birds/trees are so me. Thanks for your generosity Monique.

  9. I love the matchy kitty! And you did such a good job! So sweet. Please put me in for your drawing.

    I really enjoy watching the “female” gymnasts but I have to say that I agree with you about the judging — it has sort of spoiled it for me. The age thing is obviously an “issue” but, as you say, not much can be done about it when every i.d. is govt. issued. I was sorry to see the little girl whack herself falling off the beam last night. That had to hurt. I just wonder about the pressure they are under if they don’t do well. I think that Shawn had the best attitude toward the whole thing — doing her best and having the time of her life. She is like a breath of fresh air! They were all great in my book.

  10. We’ve been watching the Olympics like crazy here as well. Not only did I not like the whole “tie-breaker” thing, but what was with the Chinese girl falling after her vault and still getting the medal over Alicia S. who did great?!!!

    Enter me in the drawing for the blackbird patterns.

  11. I love your finish! How cute that you matched the fur color, it turned out really good!

    Please enter me into the drawing!

  12. Very cute finish, I love this design. The color change you made does make it look like Katie’s fur, nice personaliztion.

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