Happy Fall!

I know the first day of Fall isn’t until the 22nd, but since it’s my favorite season I made the executive decision to begin early this year. To celebrate, I’d like to give away one of my designs, Fall Blackwork:

Don’t fret about the term “blackwork”… I do mine using basic backstitching. This design is quick and easy and, despite the backstitching which I normally hate, was FUN to stitch. As always, I’m happy to mail anywhere to anyone so please don’t be shy. (just make sure you specifically say you’d like to be included when making your comment)

Kathy of Carriage House Samplings has started a blog… it’s always good to see another designer blogging! I need to try to make time to meet her at the TNNA show in a few weeks.

I joined a new blog group that Vonna started (she’s an organizational wonder, that girl) called Me, Myself, and I Round Robins. (MMIRR) We will be planning and building stitching our own neighborhoods. It doesn’t officially begin until Dec. 31, but there is a size limit for members and it’s getting up there, I think.

Did you see today’s new GOSM? Great issue… I’m loving Elizabeth’s needleroll (on the cover) and Kirsten designed a fabulous color wheel ball which I plan to add to my stitching lineup ASAP.

Edited: Becky was the drawing winner!


12 thoughts on “Happy Fall!

  1. I just LOVE this month’s issue of TGOSM – I think it’s the best issue ever. I haven’t stopped looking at it since I downloaded it.

    Wow, meeting Kathy IRL. Cool. I’m jealous!

    I like blackwork, though I don’t do it that often, and I’ve admired this design of yours since I saw it. Please include me in your drawing.

  2. You are back! Gee, with you breaking and JLSHall beaching, I was really left to my own devices — so I made two baby quilts in three days! Well, I was kind of under a deadline too, so I really had no choice. But, I am glad you are back! I would like to be put in your drawing, please ma’am. The blackwork looks really interesting!

  3. Hey, welcome back Monique! You have been missed. Please enter my name in the drawing! I love Fall, I love blackwork, and yes, I love backstitching, too :o)

    You have been nominated for a rather unusual award on my blog, by the way!

  4. I love your design and would like to be entered into the draw. I remember your 4th of July blackwork piece was great too!

  5. Please include me in the drawing for the Fall Blackwork. I have been wanting to try this for some time. And I love your designs!

    I am guessing Cheese has been very busy, as we have not seen him in posts recently?

  6. I love reading your blog. If it is not too late, please enter me for your Autumn Blackwork pattern.

  7. I would love to be included in your blackwork design giveaway – your design is beautiful, with great balance. Fall is my favorite season.

    Take care, Nancy

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