a very bright green finish

I remember starting the year with grand plans of stitching a few Christmas ornaments each month, but… counting model for the JCS ornament issue and an ornament that wound up in my scrapbook rather than ornamentized, this is only my 3rd little Christmas finish for the year so far. The first that may make it to the tree. sigh.

It’s from an older (1997) chart by Bent Creek, called “Oh Deer!” I hadn’t seen it when it first came out, but someone had it for sale at our Stitch-In last year and I couldn’t resist. I did this version on bright green 16ct. Aida, but I plan to stitch it again on a neutral linen.

***A word to my PIF victims: I have not forgotten about you! Teresa, Paula, and Sally… you are all on my “get busy on these ASAP” list :)

And something else… if you have any desire at all to join the MMIRR, you need to do it quickly.


7 thoughts on “a very bright green finish

  1. I love this design by Bent Creek! Come to think of it, I love every design by Bent Creek ;o)
    I think it would be so cool if you, too, would use your favourite e e cummings poem as an inspiration for your neighbourhood!
    Oh, and don’t worry about those Christmas ornies. As long as you didn’t promise them to anybody except yourself, who cares how many you finish? As long as you’re enjoying yourself!

  2. I’m not quite sure “bright green” describes it . . . shocking color! He’s very cute.

  3. I love that green fabric! I’m like you, I had all these BIG plans to stitch ornaments all year. I have stitched 1. And it hasn’t been turned into an ornament, and really, it’s too big to be an ornament…so now where am I?! LOL!

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